Germany Country Profile - Facts


Location: Central Europe

Capital City: Berlin

Population: 82.3 million (8.8% of the population are foreigners)

Government: Federal Republic, with 16 states (Bundesländer)

Currency: Euro (€)

Main Language: German (English is a common second language)

Main Religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism

Other Facts:

Germany has the largest population in Europe

The current GDP of Germany is €2,245.50 billion

The German economy had shrunk 7.1 year-on-year by 2nd quarter of 2009

Germany reunified with East Germany in 1990

Germany is one of the three most innovative countries in the world (along with Japan and the United States) with 11,188 triad patent registrations

Germany has 33 natural and cultural heritage sites protected under the UNESCO World Heritage program

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