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Frankfurt airport is the largest of Germany’s international airports with around 125 international scheduled airlines operating connections to nearly 300 airports in more than 100 countries worldwide. Other major international airports are located in Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg with several more international airports based in smaller cities across Germany. Several regional airlines operate regular internal flights throughout Germany. Connections by air operate daily between Berlin, Bremen, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/M, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Westerland/Sylt (summer only). The majority of western airports offer daily flights to Leipzig and several flights a week to Dresden. All airports can be reached in an hour or less from Frankfurt airport.

Rail links are excellent in Germany. Intercity and high-speed connections run every one or two hours to around 30 destinations (mainly in Germany but also to Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Switzerland) and also directly serve the Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne-Bonn airports. InterCity Express trains operate on numerous routes within the country and German National Railways also operates thousands of passenger trains each day.

Regular boat services operate on rivers, lakes and coastal waters around Germany and the Lake Constance offers car ferry connections between the German, Swiss and Austrian shores.

Public transport is widely accessible and fairly inexpensive with bus services operating in all cities, villages and small towns and trams, underground and suburban trains also operating in a number of larger cities.

Taxis are readily available in all the main cities around any airport or public location. Costs can vary and can be relatively expensive with weekend taxi fees generally more expensive than those on a weekday.

Germany is renowned for its excellent modern network of motorways and roads with no toll or fees for cars. However petrol prices are high due to taxation. The current price per litre for unleaded petrol is around 1.42 Euros.

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