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Meet Verena a PhD student at the Technical University of Denmark. Originally from Austria, she moved to Denmark in 2015 for her PhD studies. Watch Verena's vlogs to find out her top tips for relocating to Denmark and returning to studies after working within various industries as a project manager, consultant and Enterprise Risk Manager.




PhD Vlog Catch-up: Verena Stingl in South Korea

Want to get a real insight into what it’s like to do a PhD? In this video, we check in with Verena to see how she has got on in the last 6 months, from having two conference papers accepted to travelling to South Korea for an external research stay. She tells us what she has learnt about the research culture in South Korea and studying misunderstandings and risk management in intercultural teams. 

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Name: Verena Stingl

PhD: Management Science

Location: Lyngby

Verena was born Austrian, but moved to Denmark in 2015 to start a PhD in Project Management Studies and Behavioural Sciences at the Technical University of Denmark. This meant a massive turn-around in both her career and her academic focus. She holds master degrees as Chemical Engineer and in Environmental Risk Management, and has been working in and for various industries as project manager, consultant and Enterprise Risk Manager in the 7 years before returning to academia. Becoming curious of the sometimes odd behaviour of project decision makers she dealt with in her last job, she has made this issue now her research focus.

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