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Ten Tips for getting through your PhD Viva

These tips are designed primarily for those taking their PhD exam in the UK covering: Submit a thesis you are proud ofChoose the right examiners (and know their work)Put down your thesis for as long as possible!Know your argumentRealise...

Top Ten Tips for doing your PhD

Covering:1. Talk to your supervisor2. Stay focussed3. Start with a plan4. Be flexible5. Stay sane while researching6. Set yourself achievable deadlines7. Stick to your achievable deadlines!8. Know when to stop9. Choose tough but friendly

How to Gain Teaching Experience While Doing a Postgraduate Degree

Catherine Armstrong's article considers how important it is to gain teaching experience while studing for a PhD and the methods available to gain these experiences.

PhD in Chemistry

Oksana Leszczyszyn - PhD in Chemistry at the University of Warwick.

PhD in Fluid Mechanics

Patrick Williams completed a PhD in Fluid Mechanics at Warwick University.

How to Find a Postgraduate Course in the UK

This article explains how to find a postgraduate course in the UK.It will cover: - I want to do a postgrad degree, what are my options? - Can I get funding? - where to find details of courses - how to app

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