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Student Experience: What You Need To Know To Help You Get A Job.

This article discusses a hot topic in UK academia and asks how you can put knowledge of ‘student experience’ to good use in your job seeking.

5 Great Ideas For Working With Graduate Employers

Many universities have launched employability initiatives that focus on preparing students. Courses, and careers, hinge on the results. However, research indicates that employers also need preparing. This article presents five ways you...

Tips And Techniques For Building Student Confidence

Student confidence affects employability, progression and participation: and with academics increasingly being judged on the basis of these, it’s important to find ways we can help.

Dealing with the ‘Challenging’ Student

Of course, most students are lovely, intelligent, undemanding, and fully understand the constraints on your time. But just occasionally, you might encounter a student who is unfamiliar with the conventions and boundaries of academic...

Tips To Stay Engaged During A Career Break

Taking parenting leave, on sabbatical, or simply between jobs? Whether you’re away from academia by choice or by circumstance, you need to stay visible during your hiatus. This article presents strategies that can keep you from fading...

Last-Minute Job Hunting

Surprisingly, the start of term can be a very productive period for job-hunters. What particular opportunities exist around the beginning of the academic year, and how can you get through to decision-makers during a very busy time?

To Be Or Not To Be An Academic That Is The Question?

When I finished my PhD in 2010, it was not fully clear to me whether I would pursue a traditional academic career. This is not to say that I did not love teaching or academic research. Indeed, the time I spent running my own third year...

The Mobile Lecturer: Tips For Working Without An Office

It’s tough enough to share an office. Working without anywhere to call your own, as many associate lecturers and visiting lecturers must, can feel like a horrifying prospect. Academics whose work requires the

How to be a Successful Digital Academic to Boost Your Career - Google+ Hangout on Air Summary

Before Christmas I spent couple of days in Canberra with Professor Deborah Lupton and a group of well-known bloggers and academics discussing the idea of the ‘Digital Academic’. While we came to no definitive conclusions, we agreed that...

Tips To Bring Academic Research To The General Public

If there was ever an era when academics worked in ivory towers, it’s long past. Besides, who pursued their passion in a topic or profession with the express purpose of only talking about it in abstract terms, or with people who study...

Five Ways To Boost Your Energy At Work

Heavy workloads and too much time in front of computer screens can drag down academic energy levels. Don't give in to the 9-to-5 (or is that 9-to-9?) slump: here are five no- or low-cost things you can do to rejuvenate at work.

Top Ten Green Tips For Academics

Many universities have started programmes urging staff to save energy, use less paper, and recycle. It’s a great idea—but what actually works? Here are 10 ways that HE colleagues elsewhere have conserved resources and departmental funds.

Tips And Techniques To Chair Meetings Effectively

So you have to chair a meeting? Here are some Tips And Techniques To Chair Meetings Effectively.

Managing Staff-Student Liaison Well

Staff-student liaison committees (SSLCs) are an important part of life in the modern UK university, reflecting the institution’s awareness of the importance of the student perspective in shaping university life. Since they provide...

What To Do About Plagiarism

I often hear that plagiarism – or the passing off of another’s work as one’s own – is a problem of the past. It is true that most universities require assessment to be checked for plagiarism using sophisticated software. It is also true...

Coming Back From Industry To Academia

Making a leap from postgraduate study to industry is typical, and many professionals have also spent some time as a postgraduate researcher. However, academia desperately needs people who are willing to move in the other direction. If...

Revamping A Module? Six Ways To Freshen Up Your Teaching

Whether you have a module revalidation coming up or simply feel that the content of a module you deliver seems a bit tired, there’s always scope for improvement. This article will present six ideas for updating and adding a bit of zip to...

What To Expect In 2015: Five Trends That Will Affect Your Academic Life

What five trends and policy changes are likely to have the greatest impact on academics in 2015? My crystal ball may not be any more prescient than Mystic Meg, but the evidence points to these five areas...

2014: The Academic Year That Was

It’s been a turbulent year in UK education—there’s no way to say otherwise. This article provides a run-down of the developments and events that have been the talk of university and FE staff rooms, changes that will continue to have...

Planning For Meetings – Getting Your Ideas Accepted

Do you spend lots of time in meetings? Here are some tips and techniques to make meetings work for you.

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