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Starting A New Job

Beginning a new job at a new institution can be a disorienting process whether you’re becoming a lecturer for the first time or are further on in your career. Most institutions have a robust induction process for new staff and it’s...

How To Make Mistakes When Lecturing

When I started working in academia I dreaded the idea that I might make a mistake in the classroom. After all those years of immersing myself in my subject this seemed to me to be the ultimate nightmare...

Project Management: Some Questions and Answers

Are you organizing an Olympic Games, planning your department’s move to a new building, or doing a few experiments before writing a conference paper? Break your project down into different steps, or ‘tasks’.

The 24-Hour Workplace: Strategies For Maintaining Your Work-Life Balance

The pressure is on all over: pressure to answer emails at all hours of the day and night, manage competing deadlines, work evenings and weekends.

Networking: Some Questions And Answers

Have you ever envied that person in your department, or at a conference, who seems to know everybody? How does he or she do it? The modern answer – or at least the modern name for an age-old phenomenon – is networking.

Welcoming International Students

International students are crucial to every university in Britain, and many FE colleges as well. It’s not just the money they bring in: their perspectives and experiences enrich our programmes, inform native students, and contribute to...

How to Increase Your Citation Rates in 10 Easy Steps (part 2)

In part 1 of “How to Increase Your Citation Rates”, recommendations were made relating to publishing all that you can, writing a review paper, and investigating where to publish, along with the specifics as to determining a journal’s...

Employability Matters

When a UK university offers a salary of up to £80,000 per year for an employability director, as York University has recently done, you know what the new hot topic is...

How to Increase Your Citation Rates in 10 Easy Steps (part 1)

Increasingly, funding agencies and prospective employers are demanding ever more from their potential researchers. In the past, publishing in well-known international journals was enough. Not any more.

Developing Your Department’s Strategy

As you move from early career into mid-career, you’ll become involved in different aspects of academic life. These can be both rewarding and challenging. This article helps you to think through ways of contributing to the development of...

Report-Writing: Some Questions And Answers

Is the report really necessary? Not always. Could it be replaced by a long-ish but informal email, by a phone conversation followed by a summary email, or by a short oral presentation at a departmental meeting, recorded by ‘bullet...

Supervising Research Students

Once you have been in an academic post for a few years and are heading towards mid-career, you will have the opportunity to supervise research students. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of academic life, working one to one with...

Improving Your Academic Administration Skills

Administrative tasks did not form part of the training we’ve been through to teach and research, and setting up spreadsheets or running reports may well be a waste of expensive time, tasks that would be better left in the hands of...

Developing a New Degree Programme?

Having the opportunity to develop a brand-new degree programme is something every lecturer dreams of, but it’s not easy to make it work. What can you do to maximize success, and deliver something that you can be truly proud of?

How To Use Your Specialist Knowledge In The World Of Commercial Copywriting

Time for a change? – How to use your specialist knowledge in the world of commercial copywritingIf you’ve been working in an academic, scientific or medical field for the past ten years or more, you may well feel that it’s time for a...

Building A Research Culture In Your Department

(even without big budgets). If your department has been seen as “research inactive,” you’re unlikely to have the resources on hand to easily change that perception.

Why Student Number Control Matters: UK HE Admissions Policy and You

I’m not an admissions tutor – you might think to yourself – so why bother understanding the ins and outs of admissions? That’s up to other people!

Top Ten Tips: Teaching For The Very First Time As A Postgraduate

Postgraduates are increasingly being asked to undertake some form of teaching during their studies, whether as part of their funding or as an extra paid opportunity. Gaining teaching experience during a PhD can be a highly rewarding...

Beyond The Classroom: Encouraging Student Engagement

Higher education lecturers: How much actual contact with students do you have during your “contact hours”? Further education lecturers: You see your students more often, but how engaged do you think they are with what you teach when...

The Short Guide To Preparing A Speech

So you have to give a speech? Here are a few questions to help you plan.

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