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Academic Career in Canada

For academics coming from abroad, working in Canada can mean working in a system that is regarded as having the best paid tenured academics in the world.

Competing in an International Job Market

Making yourself attractive to overseas employers and competing with applicants from all over the world can be challenging. This article explores two ways of enhancing your chances of successfully applying for jobs overseas.

Academic Careers in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world to be an academic. Most PhDs get paid a living wage and the government continues to invest in research. But like many countries in the western world, securing an academic position...

Moving From Academia in the US to the UK

Dr John Troyer has worked at the University of Bath since 2008, having previously worked at Ohio State University in the USA. He is currently Lecturer in Sociology in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences and is also Deputy...

Working in East Africa – Uganda

Like much of East Africa, Uganda is one of the most favourable job markets for academics either looking to gain a foothold into academia after a PhD or mid-career academics seeking to take a break from their home country.

Work and Education in Singapore

Singapore is a country that values business and industry, and the culture of success means that education is viewed as being very important. Jobs for international academics can be found in various fields.

University Work in Japan

Japan has been a top destination for teachers of English for a long time. But university work in Japan remains something of an undiscovered quantity. Certainly, there are researchers and academics from Europe, America, Africa and India...

Attending job interviews at large conferences in the US

If you are looking for an academic job in the US one of the ways you might be chosen is at a large subject-specific academic conference. There is no equivalent procedure in the European job market. This article explores how to survive...

First Jobs in Academia: A Comparison Between France and the UK

Since the start of the university funding crisis and the publication of the Browne report many PhDcandidates in the UK are feeling jittery about landing a first position in academia. Some young academics may be thinking about applying...

What you Need to Know About Overseas Contracts

Finding a good job isn't just about enjoying the work you do; it's also about the employer and, crucially, the contract. The details of the contract are especially important when it comes to working overseas. So, what should you be...

Working in China – Education Sector and Research Funding

China boasts the biggest education scene in the world. Yet it's education system has set modernization and international understanding as the targets for its reform strategy. The goal is to continually increase the number of students and...

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)? How to get a Job Abroad

With an estimated 40% drop in educational funding in the UK over the next 5 years, now is a time when many newly qualified teachers (NQTs) will find it increasingly harder to land that dream job. Not surprisingly, with a gloomy...

7 Things to Consider When Planning a Move Abroad

Careers in higher education often present opportunities to work abroad. Working overseas is often seen as an important factor in academic career progression. If you intend to venture abroad, here are some things to consider and tips on...

International Teaching - Preparing to Move

This article looks at the practical experience of moving abroad as a university teacher and asks what should you expect and how you can prepare for the move.

International Teaching - Why Look for Work Overseas?

This article explores the issues surrounding working in an academic teaching career in a foreign country. It talks about why you might consider international teaching and offers some tips on how to secure a job abroad.

Working in the UAE and Qatar

The academic job market may be slowing down in Europe and North America, but some of the countries where academic skills and qualifications may get you a satisfying job are the Gulf States of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

How Working Overseas Can Benefit Your Career

Experience gained working in a university overseas is really worthwhile. Your promotion prospects back in the UK will usually be improved. You will also gain so much from the broader perspective that working overseas provides. Our...

7 Tips for Academics Returning to the UK after Working Overseas

Whether you have been away for many years or for a shorter time there will be an inevitable period of adjustment when you return to the UK. We have spoken to several Academics who have shared their top tips with us...

New Zealand Immigration – Information on Working Visas

If you apply and are granted a position with a New Zealand University it will be offered on the provision that you are able to obtain a New Zealand Visa. However, the university will be able to provide assistance and guidance to newly...

Working in New Zealand – Education Sector and Research Funding

If you are thinking of moving to New Zealand to work in a University in an academic or research role, this article tells you what you need to know about New Zealand’s tertiary education system and research funding.

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