Jobs funded by Natural Environment Research Council - NERC

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Research Associate
University of Cambridge - Department of Plant Science
Placed on: 23-02-2017 Salary: £29,301 to £38,183
Mar 26
Research Fellow - AR1866ML
University of St Andrews - School of Biology
Placed on: 22-02-2017 Salary: £32,004 to £34,956
Mar 26
Post-doctoral Research Associate in Climate Analysis
University of Edinburgh - School of Geosciences / College of Science and Engineering
Placed on: 21-02-2017 Salary: £32,004 to £38,183
Mar 22
System Security Analyst
University of Sheffield - Corporate Information and Computing Services
Placed on: 21-02-2017 Salary: £30,175 to £32,004. per annum, depending on experience, Grade 7
Mar 06
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Exeter - College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Environment and Sustainability Institute
Placed on: 21-02-2017 Salary: £33,943 to £33,943. (Grade F), depending on qualifications and experience.
Mar 06
PhD Studentship: Marine Ecosystem Assessment in a Patchy World: Are AUVs the Solution to Quantify Zooplankton? (HEYWOOD_U17NERCI)
University of East Anglia - School of Environmental Sciences
Placed on: 15-02-2017 Salary: £14,296 to £14,296
Mar 31
PhD Studentship: CFD and Experimental Investigations of Waste Heat Recovery from Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) System Using Heat Pumps
Queen's University Belfast - School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Placed on: 14-02-2017 Salary: £19,053 to £19,053. per annum tax free
May 14
Research Fellow: Socio-Economic Analysis of Catchment Solutions
University of Leeds - School of Geography / School of Earth and Environment
Placed on: 14-02-2017 Salary: £32,004 to £38,183.  p.a. pro rata, Grade 7
Mar 19
Research Associate: Chemical Weathering of Large River Basins
University of Cambridge - Department of Earth Sciences
Placed on: 13-02-2017 Salary: £29,301 to £38,183
Mar 25
Research Assistant/Associate (The Changing Arctic Ocean) D60078R
Newcastle University - Civil Engineering & Geosciences
Placed on: 09-02-2017 Salary: £26,829 to £38,183
Mar 09
Web Application Developer - Environmental Pollution
University of Stirling
Placed on: 08-02-2017 Salary: £25,298 to £31,076. per annum, Grade 6
Mar 09
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Atmospheric Modelling of grass pollen dispersion derived from Environmental DNA analysis
University of Worcester - Institute of Science and the Environment
Placed on: 07-02-2017 Salary: £32,003 to £36,000. Band 7 p.a.
Mar 08
NERC Industrial Case studentship in partnership with Cefas - Understanding Oxygen Deficits with a Community Ecosystem Model and Isotopic Tools (CLARK_PML17iNERC2)
University of East Anglia - School of Environmental Sciences
Placed on: 06-02-2017 Salary: £14,296 to £14,296
Apr 18
Independent Research Fellowships
University of Oxford
Placed on: 06-02-2017 Salary: Not specified
Mar 17
NERC CDT PhD Studentship - Rumour Mill: Measuring the Veracity of Rumours in the Social Media
University of Cambridge - Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Placed on: 02-02-2017 Salary: Not specified
Mar 13
Research Assistant
University of Glasgow - School of Mathematics & Statistics
Placed on: 01-02-2017 Salary: £27,629 to £31,076. per annum.
Mar 02
Research Assistant / Research Fellow in Modelling Soil Processes
Cranfield University - School of Water, Energy and Environment
Placed on: 31-01-2017 Salary: £23,485 to £32,489. per annum
Feb 28
Research Associate
University of Bristol - School of Earth Sciences
Placed on: 30-01-2017 Salary: £32,004 to £36,001. Per annum
Feb 28
Post-doctoral Researcher
University of Reading - School of Mathematical Physical and Computational Sciences, Department of Meteorology
Placed on: 25-01-2017 Salary: £29,301 to £38,183. per annum
Feb 26
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Molecular Ecology
Aberystwyth University
Placed on: 17-01-2017 Salary: £32,958 to £38,183. per annum
Feb 28
DREAM CDT PhD Studentship
Cranfield University
Placed on: 16-01-2017 Salary: Not specified
Mar 16
Industrial CASE PhD Studentship
University College London - Mathematics
Placed on: 03-01-2017 Salary: £16,785 to £16,785. per annum
Mar 31