WMG is a growing organisation, and an academic department at the University of Warwick – voted The Times and Sunday Times University of the Year 2014-2015. We are seeking skilled, enthusiastic, and ambitious individuals for a variety of roles.

You will join over 350 core staff across administrative, technical, project and professional, academic and research, and teaching areas. There is good interaction between functions, and opportunities to get involved in a variety of projects and activities, including support for student projects such as Formula Student, Warwick Mobile Robotics, and Warwick Submarine.

We are quite different to many academic departments, and Warwick itself is not typical of many universities. It has a reputation for innovation and doing things differently, a philosophy we strongly believe in.

Our current job vacancies are listed below:

Management and Professional
HR Officer (76785-106)
Team Leader (23924-106)
Innovation Manager (75866-106)
Alumni Coordinator (77834-106)
Assistant Professor (78627-106)
Assistant Professor (78632-106)
Assistant Professor (78630-106)
Principal Teaching Fellow (International Business and Law)
Research Fellow (78675-106)
Research Fellow (76866-106)
Research Fellow (78253-076)
Research Fellow (75598-096)
Research Fellow (78691-106)
Research Fellow (78675-106)
Research Fellow (76866-106)
Project Engineer (78554-096)
Project Engineer (78631-106)
Precision Engineer (72111-106)
PhD/EngD (Studentships)
PhD Studentship: In-situ characterisation of the role of nano-precipitation and strain distribution on the conditioning of austenite during thermo-mechanical processing of high strength structural steels
PhD Studentship: Investigating smart materials and polymer systems for use in conventional, future, and ruggedized Li and Na - ion batteries
PhD Studentship: Novel structured nanocomposite materials for broadband acoustic damping in automotive environments
PhD Studentship: Electrochemical Recycling of Lithium Batteries using Molten Salts
PhD Studentship: Advanced Battery System Control using on-Board Vehicle Telematics-Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
PhD Studentship: Understanding the role of TiN precipitation on hot tearing susceptibility of steels
PhD Studentship: Next Generation Wireless Vehicular Communications and Networking
PhD Studentship: 3D Printing of Lithium Ion Battery Chemistries
PhD CASE Award: Development of Improved S960 Hot Rolled High Strength Steel with Improved Toughness and Ductility
EPRSC CASE PhD Studentship: 3D measurement systems - performance evaluation and enhancement
PhD Studentship: Health Informatics and Systems Analysis of Healthcare Services
PhD Studentship: The Influence of Austenite Grain Structure on Bainite and Martensite Transformations in High Strength Strip Steel
No jobs available.