Career Opportunities of South China Normal University for High-level Talents

Founded in 1933, South China Normal University(SCNU), with its full spectrum of study programs and research disciplines, is known as a member in “Project 211” aimed at building 100 top Chinese universities in the 21st century, a beneficiary of Guangdong High-level University Development Program, and a key university jointly financed by Guangdong Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education.

Talented people at home and abroad are now welcome to join us for building SCNU into a first–class comprehensive normal university with international reputation.

Research Disciplines with Vacancies Available

Physics, Optical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Electronics Science and Technology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Engineering, Biology, Ecology, Forestry, Fisheries Science, Geography, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Technology, Psychology, Educational Science, Physical Education and Sports Science, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Language and Literature, Chinese History, World History, Public Administration, Law, Theory of Marxism, Political Studies, Economics,philosophy, Business Administration, Information System, Fine Arts.


1、Academic Leaders
Qualifications: strong leadership skills, academically productive in the last 5 years with remarkable research achievements (including but not limited to publications) recognized internationally.

2、Outstanding Young Scholars
Qualifications: among the leading researchers of his/her age in his/her academic field, with unique insights into the research frontiers, as well as potential for innovation and scholarship.


1、The applicant, once accepted, will be provided with highly competitive salary, decent housing allowance, start-up research fund commensurate with his/her current expertise and scholarship, as well as schooling and pre-schooling for his/her children.

2、The applicant, once accepted, will be given the priority to apply for talent development programs such as the Recruitment Program for Global Experts, Cheung Kong Scholars Program as well as Pearl River Scholars Program, etc.

Documents for Application

The applicant is required to fill in the Application Form, and submit attachments as requested.

Contact Information

Website of Personnel Office:

Phone Number: +86-13711170336
Contact: Mrs. Chen

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Key Facts

  • 4,528 employees
  • 35,000 students
  • Universities co-sponsored by province and ministry Guangdong High-level University Development Program
  • (approx.500 acres) Campuses in Shipai, University Town, Nanhai