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Professor/Chair Professor in Mechanical Engineering

School of Mechantronic Engineering & Automation (SMEA),
Mechanical Engineering Discipline

The School of Mechantronic Engineering & Automation at Shanghai University (‘211’ plan) owns three departments, as Department of Mechanical Automation Engineering, Department of Automation and Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is the key discipline of SMEA, which ranks top 3 among great Shanghai area. Under Mechanical Engineering discipline, sub-units as Advanced Mechanical Manufacture, Robotics, Advanced Tribology, Precision Measurement Engineering etc. are growing rapidly. Several key laboratories were developed as well, i.e. Shanghai Key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics. Moreover, several programs on the development of Mechanical Engineering discipline are or will be launched by central and Shanghai government, i.e. ‘Plateau Discipline Plan’ and ‘085 plan’.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Lecturing key subjects in the university during the period of employment.
  • The first employment contract will be signed for a consecutive 3-year period; the successful candidate has to promise to deliver teaching and lecturing job for no less than one undergraduate course per academic year.
  • Extensive teaching and lecturing experience at internationally renowned higher education institutes as professor or equivalent role.
  • A successful candidate will be able to provide evidence of her/his profound academic achievements in the subject area.
  • The successful candidate must have published 1 representative work and 3 influential academic papers with internationally renowned academic journals within the last 3 years.
  • The university will support the candidates who meet the requirements above to gain the seat from national "Chang Jiang Scholars Program", “Thousand Talents plan”.

Remark: Employment contract with university will be confirmed once approval from Ministry of Education obtained for the successful candidate as nominated exceptional global expert for the "Chang Jiang Scholars Program", “National 1000-Talent Program”.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • RMB 130,000 up to 200,000 Annual income.
  • A highly competitive compensation and benefits package will be offered. Salary and rank will commensurate with qualifications and experience, i.e. Professors nominated as ‘Ziqiang Prof. ’ by Shanghai University, nominated by ‘Dongfang Prof.’ by Shanghai Government or nominated by ‘National 1000-Talent Program’.
  • Flexible working hour.
  • Free accommodation in Shanghai, a two-bed room apartment with essential facility including bills will be provided by the university.
  • Free round-trip economy class air-tickets from successful candidate’s country of residence to Shanghai up to 2 times a year during the period of employment.
  • Full university benefits and public insurance
  • Luxury University term holiday, summer holiday runs from July to August and 3 weeks winter holidays around Chinese New Year
  • > RMB 500,000 research foundation for kick-off

About Shanghai:
Shanghai is the city where Shanghai University locates. It is one of the biggest metropolises of China, with a population of more than 24 million as of 2013. Shanghai aims to be the international financial centre, economic centre, transport centre and trade centre till 2020. Shanghai has also launched several programs to upgrade the modern manufacture industry and advanced manufacture facility, which provides many opportunities for overseas talents to explore their careers in academic institutes, universities and companies. Therefore, the ‘atmosphere’ of innovation, especially for academic research, is rather excellent. On the other hand, Shanghai has the best education and medical systems in China. Till 2014, over 0.8 million people overseas chose to live and work in Shanghai.

How to apply:

  • A softcopy of updated C.V in MS Word, PPT or PDF version.
  • Supporting materials about academic achievements.
  • Clearly state the specific position you apply for in your application email.

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