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Two World-Leading Universities ONE CENTRE – ONE COURSE

Fully funded 4 year (1+3) PhD studentships available*

Light is vital for life. It is essential for a wave of new technological developments which will transform our world for the better. Cambridge University and UCL have joined forces to develop the next generation of integrated photonic systems, pioneering research with light.

The Centre trains postgraduate students, using innovative teaching and learning techniques and collaborates closely with a wide range of leading companies and research centres worldwide. We create graduates with the skills and confidence necessary to drive future technology research, development and commercial exploitation, as photonics becomes fully embedded in electronics-based systems applications ranging from communications to sensing, industrial manufacture and biomedicine.

All students study at both universities. We collaborate with a wide range of leading companies and research centres worldwide and use innovative teaching and learning techniques.

The Centre provides a dynamic new approach to doctoral training using expertise drawn from a range of disciplines including:

  • Engineering – Electrical, Electronic, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical
  • Medical Physics
  • Materials Science
  • NanotechnologyComputer Science
  • Bioengineering/Biotechnology
  • Physics and Astronomy

We have funding available for UK and EU students eligible for EPSRC awards.

All applicants for funding must complete the pre-application form at: www.ipes-cdt.org

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