East Malling Research

East Malling Research (EMR) is a subsidiary of the East Malling Trust and an independent provider of top-class research, development and consultancy serving the food chain and other sectors of the land-based industry.

EMR is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. The company has a Board of Directors and is led by a Chief Executive.

EMR's team of scientists integrate their knowledge of breeding and molecular genetics, genomics, pest and disease biology and management, crop and post harvest physiology, agronomy, environmental science, food product development and consumer research, to address current industry issues and deliver innovative solutions particularly applied to:

  • FOOD

East Malling Services is a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of East Malling Research, the principle UK contractor for horticultural research and development in the perennial crop sector and the complementary areas of environment and landscape research. Building on this technical base, it offers knowledge differentiated services to trial growing media, crop health and nutrition and provenance, as well as expert technical support and development activity in crop irrigation, fruit breeding and integrated crop management.


Plant Molecular Biologist/Entomologist