Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Researcher Scheme

RMIT is seeking outstanding researchers who are making an impact.

Professor Heather Horst, Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow

The Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Researcher Scheme aims to foster a dynamic and productive research environment by offering prestigious positions throughout the continuum of research career levels, from higher degree by research candidates to senior academics.

We are seeking researchers who can help us shape the world through research, innovation and collaboration. Our outstanding research fellows:

  • Contribute significant knowledge within our research priority areas — generating new ideas and building our cross-disciplinary understanding.
  • Apply innovative, enterprising research practice to solving problems and meeting the needs of our community.
  • Identify and develop innovative solutions to problems affecting communities around the world.
  • Work with internationally recognised partners to ensure our research has impact and contributes to solving global problems.

Vice-Chancellor's Research and Senior Research Fellowships

RMIT invites applications from researchers with an excellent track record who can make a significant contribution to RMIT's research priority areas. Successful applicants will be offered either a Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellowship or a Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellowship, dependent on the applicant’s level of experience and track record.

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Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowships offer PhD graduates an opportunity to launch their research careers. Successful applicants will work within a high performing research team relevant to their discipline and receive development and learning opportunities to build their research skills and career.

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