50th Anniversary Prize Fellowships, £38,896 - £46,414 p.a.

Our 50th Anniversary Prize Fellowship Scheme will nurture your research career and fast-track you to a permanent appointment at Bath. This managed scheme offers you a supportive environment to pursue top-level research and reach your potential as a future academic leader in your field.

We are looking for a number of early stage researchers across a range of disciplines. As a 50th Anniversary Prize Fellow, you must:

- hold a PhD or equivalent in a relevant discipline
- be able to conduct high-quality research as an independent researcher
- have demonstrated potential to attract research funds
- have an emerging publication track record in high-quality academic journals
- have the potential to develop international research links
- be able to promote research in the discipline, including public engagement
- contribute to advanced undergraduate teaching and supervision, training and research of postgraduate students

New fellowship opportunities

Fellowship opportunities in areas where our research already excels, include:

School of Engineering

School of Management


For more information and to apply, please visit: www.bath.ac.uk/campaigns/50th-anniversary-prize-fellowships