Chair Appointments in Big Data/Data Science

The University of Bristol is seeking to appoint a number of outstanding academic leaders to strengthen and help deliver its data science vision in a number of core strategic areas. This forms a key component of a University-wide initiative that recognises the current and future value of ‘big data’ analysis, and will build on its established, unique capabilities in data science founded on the three pillars of domains (large and complex data in health, environmental science and security applications), infrastructure, and analytics.

The University has world-leading activities in computational statistics and machine learning as applied to large-scale data sets and data streams, and is home to several cross-university research institutes, each formed to address major scientific and engineering challenges. We also maintain the world-renowned ALSPAC longitudinal data set and conduct broad ranging health research. The University has invested heavily in high-performance computing and data facilities, and is a leader in research data storage and management. We also benefit from a strong relationship with Bristol City Council via the £26M government funded Smart City initiative, which provides a unique opportunity for citizen data science research.