Strategy, Planning and Governance

Strategy, Planning & Governance is a key professional service department within the University of Sheffield. Our primary objectives are to develop and support the delivery of University’s ambitions set out in the Strategic Plan: delivering educational excellence and an outstanding student experience; pursuing research which has an economic and societal impact on the world; working with strategic partners in ways which make a difference to our city, the region and to the world.

Engaging in a breadth of activity we work proactively and collaboratively, drawing on the expertise of our team and the wider University to share intelligence, promote discussion, and provide data and insight to support and shape policy.

Our key areas of responsibility are Strategic Development, Horizon Scanning, Management Information, Corporate Performance, Governance, Project Management and Operational Planning. In everything we do, we work to create a culture of innovation and agility. Supporting Faculties in a range of activities as well as facilitating University-wide transformational projects, we continue to build on our role as a ‘critical friend’ - questioning, challenging and enabling decision-making. We investigate the latest higher education sectoral developments and trends at local, national and international levels. And we use the insight we gain to help inform and influence new developments in the sector, such as the highly successful University of Sheffield-led Postgraduate Support Scheme project.

We’re constantly developing our activities to ensure that our analysis and advice continues to reflect the University’s core values and our ambitious strategic objectives. While our plans and objectives are constantly being shaped by the changing needs of the organisation, external policies, and the evolving HE landscape we are equally clear about our founding values, our vision, mission and identity.

It all adds up to a challenging, dynamic and rewarding environment in which to build your expertise.