Anniversary Fellowships

The University of Stirling has an internationally recognised reputation for contributing innovative research that is relevant to the social, economic and cultural needs of society - and where the ability, not background, of its staff and students is valued.

As part of its 50th Anniversary, the University’s prestigious postdoctoral Anniversary Fellowship programme is currently accepting applications. Over recent years, more than £2 million has been awarded in Fellowships. Through this programme, we are continuing to invest in interdisciplinary research, enabling the next generation of researchers to realise their potential, fulfil their ambition and deliver world-class thematically-based outcomes that directly address the needs of society.

Anniversary Fellowships are available across a range of research programmes – Extreme Events; Human Security, Conflict and Cooperation; Environmental Change; Home, Housing and Communities; Health and Behaviour; Ageing and Dementia; Mobile Cognition; Being Together; Contextual Learning in Humans and Machines; Digital Society and Culture; Global Food Security; and Cultural Heritage. These contribute to our three interdisciplinary research themes: Global Security and Resilience; Health and Behaviour; Communities, Cultures and Society. We invite applications from ambitious researchers who have identified potential linkages across our academic base and who want to excel in their chosen field and make a positive impact on society.