Yachay University for Experimental Technology and Research (Yachay Tech) is to be a world-class, globally connected and regionally transformative center for research and education. It will be at the heart of Yachay City of Knowledge, a modern, vibrant metropolis with start-up incubators, R&D facilities and industrial outposts.

Yachay Tech was designed from the onset to be a highly interdisciplinary institution and to have an internationally recognizable philosophy and governance structure. It has been designed to promote fundamental research, encourage basic learning, and reward academic and research excellence. The University’s strategic position right at the heart of the Yachay City of Knowledge allows, in addition to fundamental research, the promotion of technology transfer, the stimulation of business innovation and the establishment of knowledge dissemination which aims at addressing pressing societal needs both within and outside Ecuador.

Alongside research, as is the case for all selective universities, one of Yachay Tech’s primary products is the development of human talent. Indeed, it is the creation of a critical mass of a new talented generation of technological leaders, which would enable the establishment of an effective knowledge-based economy in Ecuador and the region. The success of the City of Knowledge is critically dependent on the quality of both the University’s administration and faculty, driving the creation of human talent. To this end, Yachay Tech has the ambition and resources to commence recruitment of some of the world’s top academic talent and is currently seeking exceptional candidates for the following roles: