Silvia Fierascu

Country of origin: Romania

“The Center for Network Science hosts world-renowned professors and postdoctoral researchers who actively engage with students through interdisciplinary classes, workshops, and general research counseling. The academic work at CNS is diverse and cutting-edge, employing the latest technologies and interdisciplinary knowledge. As a student, I benefit from great training, generous research funding, a dynamic and friendly environment, and access to an international network of researchers and practitioners. After a master’s degree at CEU, I decided to pursue a PhD in Political Science with a certificate of specialization in Network Science, since the human and material resources offered at CNS really make a difference, opening up many doors for my academic interests and providing marketable skills.”

Central European University’s Center for Network Science offers one of the world’s first PhD programs in the up-and-coming field of network science that provides tools to understand how complex social, political, economic and environmental networks are structured and how they function. Working together with leading network scientists, students learn efficient ways of network modeling and explore terabyte-sized datasets that capture mobile phone calls between millions of individuals; financial transactions between banks and companies or political party affiliations.

Program offered

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Network Science

Research areas

  • Political science: business-political networks, social movements, social influences in voter behavior
  • Economics: world system networks and development, embeddedness of multinational corporations, network effects and externalities, network effects in finance
  • Sociology: structure and dynamics of the social web, spreading of ideas and innovations, multiplex networks
  • Environmental science: resilience in energy grids, food webs and economic competition
  • Mathematics and its applications: graphs, graph limits and processes on graphs

Why CEU?

  • Students and faculty from 116 countries
  • Alumni on 6 continents in top positions
  • Accredited in the U.S. and Hungary
  • 8:1 student/faculty ratio
  • Based in Budapest, the heart of Europe

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