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Summary of our hospital
The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) is a large-scale 3A comprehensive hospital integrated with health care, education and scientific research, and is also the only affiliated hospital of SYSU on the west side of the Pearl River estuary. It is located in Zhuhai, the most livable city in China, which boasts elegant and tranquil environment and convenient transportation thanks to its proximity to Hong Kong and Macao as well as the nearby ports and international airports. It is a 1500-bed hospital that covers a total area of 220,000 m2 with a construction area of 152,000 m2 .

Relying on the vigorous support of Sun Yat-sen University and the Zhuhai Municipal Government, the hospital enjoys an enviable reputation in cities on the west side of the Pearl River estuary with a wide range of disciplines, strong technical strength, prominent characteristics of specialties, and the advantage of covering multiple disciplines. It has eminent advantages in the region in disciplines including infectious diseases, oncology and interventional medicine and other general disciplines as well as general surgery, renal medicine, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory medicine, and otorhinolaryngology. The medical high-tech programs and unique specialty services launched by the hospital have attracted a large number of patients from Hong Kong, Macao and the surrounding area. The hospital is the fixed unit for international medical aid and also the only designated treatment unit in Zhuhai for many foreign embassies and consulates.

In recent years, the comprehensive strength of scientific research of the hospital has risen rapidly, and a number of its scientific research indicators have taken the lead in the region on the west side of the Pearl River estuary. The hospital is home to the Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Molecular Imaging, Zhuhai Institute of Medical Science of SYSU and Interventional Radiology Institute of SYSU. Established in 2014, the Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Molecular Imaging covers an area of over 3000 m2 with first-class small animal imaging and molecular biology research-related equipment. The center is included in the large scientific research platforms of SYSU which aims to develop itself through the construction of big research teams, big platforms and big projects. Prof. Shan Hong serves as the director of the research center, who is also the president of the hospital. Some of the research achievements of the center were published in Radiology, J Nucl Med, Biomaterials, Mol Pharm, J Biomed Nanotechnol, Eur Radiol and other academic journals. It has led more than 20 research funds including key programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), key international (regional) cooperative research projects of NSFC, NSFC-Guangdong joint key projects, and general programs of NSFC.

As a clinical teaching base for high-level medical talents of SYSU, the hospital has a complete medical education system and training system including 12 doctoral degree programs, 29 master degree programs, and postdoctoral research centers.

The young Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University is standing at a new starting point. It aims to keep up with the medical frontiers, stay in line with the strategy of Healthy China and meet local economic and social needs. With an open international vision, it strives toward the goal of establishing itself as a regional medical center of China that is based in Zhuhai, covers the city group on the west side of the Pearl River estuary, and stands ready to contact Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

Recruitment types, qualifications and related treatments

B. The Recruitment Program for Professionals

  1. Possess a Ph.D. degree and have worked abroad in scientific research for ideally 3 consecutive years or more.
  2. With formal teaching and researching positions in overseas prestigious universities or institutions.
  3. To be eligible, applicants should generally not work full time in China upon application; those who are working in China should be back in the country for no more than 1 year.
  4. If employed, the applicants should be able to work full time in China for over 3 years.
  5. Applicants are supposed to be elites among peers in certain field and have the potential of becoming leading figures in the future. Research fellows with Ph.D. degrees obtained abroad can be recruited in exceptional cases without the restriction of years if they have prominent research attainments.

Benefits: the hospital will provide start-up grants of 2-4 million RMB, settling allowances of over 1 million RMB, and an annual salary of 500 thousand RMB or one to be discussed face to face.

C. 100 Top Talents Program, Phase II

  1. Academic leaders: Applicants are supposed to possess profound academic attainments, be influential in their own disciplines, and obtain well-recognized achievements at home and abroad.
  2. Outstanding talents (type I and II): Applicants are supposed to be scholars with clear research orientations, strong independent scientific research ability and good work accumulation, and large development potentials. They should meet the basic requirements of studying or working at first-class universities at home and abroad, and having published professional papers in top academic journals or obtained recognized scientific research results.
  3. Discipline leaders: applicants should be eligible for the National Natural Science Foundation fund for outstanding scientists, and be influential academic leaders at home and abroad, or associate professors from overseas famous universities who have potential for development.
  4. Academic leaders: scholars with important academic achievements and development potential, who have been serving at well-known universities at home and abroad.
  5. Outstanding talents and scholars with development potential.

Benefits: the hospital will provide start-up grants of 300-1,500 thousand RMB, settling allowances of 150-800 thousand RMB and an annual salary of 200-500 thousand RMB.

Applicants should post or submit application materials to the Human Resources Office of our hospital, the following should be included in the application materials:

  1. Resume (including scans or copies of diplomas and degree certificates from initial education to the highest degree).
  2. Materials including research projects, publications and awards in the past five years.
  3. Work plan after joining our hospital.
  4. At least two letters of recommendation by noted scholars in the same field at home and abroad (including contact information of the recommenders).

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