Academic Career Break research report

Academics take career breaks for many different reasons, and this break can impact your life, your family, your career, your research and where you work. This is something that may affect us all at some point in our working lives, yet there has been very little research on career breaks in academia. 

So,, and Research Media have partnered to better understand the thoughts and experiences of over 5,000 academics around the world.

Through an online survey carried out between February and March 2016, we’ve gained a unique insight into the views and experiences of the academic community and learnt what academics and researchers feel about career breaks.

Just some of the key findings:

  • Just under half of our respondents had taken an academic career break with 89% of these returning to an academic role.
  • The main reasons for taking a career break are maternity leave and redundancy/reaching the end of a contract.
  • 70% of women returning from maternity leave go back to the same job.
  • Academics at an early stage in their career were a lot more concerned about the negative impact a career break could have on their progress as an academic.
  • Academics from science subjects such as biological sciences were more negative about career breaks than other disciplines. 

You can find out more by downloading the full research report using the link below.




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