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Entertaining a Career Change

Roger Jones article gives focused advice about completing changing your career. If you want to startle your friends and relations, announce you are contemplating a change of career. And if you really want to really blow their minds, tell...

Career Crisis (2)

The second in the career crisis series, based on Melanie Allens' experience as a career coach, the article is aimed at more mature people who have established a career but who are not happy and are looking for a change. It focuses on the...

How far would you go?

Gillian Sharp's article gives focused advice regarding location and work. Location is everything, or so we are told by estate agents and media pundits busy expounding the delights of property investment. But when it comes to academic...

Career Crises

The first in the career crisis series by Melanie Allen. The article is based on her experience as a career coach, the article is aimed at more mature people who may be heading for a crisis in an already established career. It focuses on...

Sideways moves- the pros and cons

Neil Harris's article adresses; Taking a look at the differences between working as say a researcher/ scientist within higher education and the public sector and working within a commercial environment.

Gap years aren't only for youngsters

Roger Jones's articles considers taking a gap year when you are not in your teens or early twenties. Do you ever feel envious when you read reports of young people going off for a gap year in some exotic clime? Perhaps you now regret...

Flexible Working

Gill Sharp considers flexible working in your career and the options available including; part-time, job-sharing and portfolio working. We're told that the chance to work flexibly is seen as one of the biggest possible benefits by...

Working in the Voluntary Sector

Roger Jones's article considers working in the voluntary sector. What kind of jobs are available, where you can find the jobs and what it is like working for a charity.

Taking control of your career

Neil Harris's article discusses the best ways to take control of career, particularly if you need to develop or improve skills. The article includes a list of ten good habits to facilate you taking control.

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