The essential guide to confidence in job interviews

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The job market can be competitive. However, there are plenty of things you can do to express your confidence and showcase just how worthy you are of being the chosen candidate. Here are just a few tips to boost your confidence and give you a much better chance of landing the job.

Practice the potential questions at home

Before you’ve gotten to your job interview, practice at home with a friend or family member. Get a hint of what’s to come with some practice questions. Although they will likely focus their queries on your field and the sector, there are still some all-rounders you can bet on being asked.

If you’ve prepared some general points in response to questions you’re certain you’ll get asked, you’ll be entering the interview with less nerves and a clearer mind. Have some solid answers prepared to impress your interviewer – the more practice you do, the better.

Back yourself up with a worthy CV

If your CV is good enough, you’ll have laid a foundation for your potential employer and already set yourself up as a viable candidate for the position. Part of your job is already done if your CV does a fraction of the work for you. this way, you can enter the room with the confidence of knowing you’ve already made a good impression.

Make sure to include all of your education and work experience, making it very clear what your previous roles entailed in order to give your potential employers a hint of how experienced you are in your field. Hobbies, interests and other details should all set you up as a trustworthy candidate.

Be sure to present yourself as a desirable candidate

When it’s time for the interview itself, be sure to immediately present yourself as confident as soon as you arrive. Make sure you dress appropriately, looking smart and presentable – a must if you want to appear confident and prepared in the eyes of your potential employer.

Don’t slouch, be polite and positive and maintain a confident demeanour throughout the interview, and you’ll come off as a standout candidate without a doubt. Your confidence emanates from how exactly you present yourself, so you need to be conscious of this.

Talk yourself up – modesty isn’t the key

When you’re being asked questions about you as a person, make sure you’re talking yourself up to your fullest potential. There’s simply no point being modest – you don’t know what other candidates have said about themselves, and so it’s important you’re not falling behind.

Again, it’s important to be confident in this aspect and ensure you’re promoting yourself to your fullest potential – a lacklustre interview isn’t going to make you particularly memorable. Go all out and really talk yourself up in order to make a worthy impression.

Don’t have anything to hide

Last but not least, don’t hide anything from the employers. Be honest about things such as why you left your last job – they will appreciate the truth more than any cover-ups, and you’ll once again come across as a trustworthy individual.

It’s all about standing out and being genuine in your interview. Should you be timid and reserved, you’re unlikely to make much of an impression at all. Be confident, and you’ll have much more success.

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