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Redundancy Advice: First Steps After Redundancy

The news that your employer is making you redundant is often a shock even though it may have followed a long period of organisational review. Read our top tips to help you take the first steps after redundancy.

Is Portfolio Working For You?

Portfolio Working describes people who work on a number of projects for different organisations or individuals sometimes combining this with permanent full or part-time work. Others describe themselves as freelancers, but even they may...

How To Get Your Dream Job

If you are looking to change your role either within your current organisation or a new one, this article will help you to get started. Kick start the search for your dream job with our 30 minute activities.

Internships: Good Opportunity, Or a Way of Employers To Take Advantage of You?

This article addresses the complicated issue of internships and whether they will benefit your career in the long term.

Career Opportunities in Private Tutoring

Postgraduate students, researchers and lecturers all have the skills necessary to make an excellent private tutor. While it is not possible to teach in state schools in the UK without a PGCE qualification, you can offer your services as...

Careers with Languages, Translation, Interpreting, Teaching and more

A common feeling among graduates of language degree courses is one of uncertainty. Languages is a subject of study often chosen based on personal goals more than career-driven goals.

5 Tips To Make You More Employable This Year

Although officially the UK is out of recession, it's still a difficult time for those in the academic job market. Some universities are still threatening redundancies while others have hiring freezes in place.

Why Personal Development Planning (PDP) Matters

At a recent meeting with students from various departments at a Midlands-based university, a senior lecturer wanted to know if the students had been using used Personal Development Planning (PDP). None had, and only one student had even...

Where Can I Find The Best Careers Advice?

If you are browsing the Career Tools & Advice site it is safe to assume that you have come online looking for careers advice. This article is designed to review a number of different options for finding information about...

Starting Your New Job been offered a job and have accepted it. Your contract of employment has been prepared and you are ready to start work.

How to Cope With Redundancy and Find Another Job

During this economic climate more people are facing up to the prospect of redundancy. Budget cuts in the once-secure public sector mean that many people are losing their jobs on academic, managerial and support staff teams.

Top Tips for Conducting Appraisals

The purpose of an appraisal is to increase an employee.s performance and efficiency. They are also intended to increase motivation, ensure that people are kept updated with the latest developments and inform them of the skills they will...

Why Do We Need an Appraisal?

Oh wad some Pow.r the giftie gie us, to see oursels as others see us. Robbie Burns OR JUST .To see ourselves as others see us. Being appraised is not something we look forward to with unalloyed glee.

Top 10 Tips: Getting a Work-Life Balance

This article is written for people who work too hard, too much or for too long, whether it.s at home or in the workplace. These 10 tried and tested personal development suggestions are relevant to both work and home situations. If

A Career in Events Management

It's the conference season. When the undergraduates leave for vacation most universities are in the business of filling their rooms, refectories and lecture theatres with anyone who will use them, whether they are corporate...

Should I Be My Own Boss?

If thinking of working for yourself, this article provides insights that may help you to decide. The pros and cons of self-employment will be analysed, and we will tell you how to get started, whether as a freelancer or a sole...

Life After Redundancy

This article is about people who have been made redundant, how they have fared since then and the advice they would give to anyone in the same position.

Top 5 Tips for Coping with Redundancy in Academia

Although the issue of redundancy is on many people.s minds at the moment, private sector workers are being hit harder than those in the public sector. However, redundancy is not unheard of in the university job market. For example...

Sabbatical Leave: Will it Become a Thing of the Past?

This article explores an issue very dear to the hearts of academics employed in a permanent job: sabbatical leave. We will explore what this leave is and what it is used for, and whether the financial situation of universities will...

Should I Get a 'Survival Job' while I Look for a 'Career' Job?

This article aims to help you make the decision to go for a .survival job. if the right .career job. doesn.t materialise as fast as you would like it to. A survival job is one you take on while looking for a job in your own area...

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