France Country Profile - Emigrating

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Accommodation: a popular choice for people moving to France is to initially rent an unfurnished flat. But of course this means you will need to buy or ship over furniture as well as having someone local (such as your new employer) to be guarantor..

Health: France has a universal healthcare system paid for by a compulsory system of health insurance. The state pays for about 80% of the cost and the rest is paid for by a mixture of insurance and the patient themselves. However for the seriously ill, 100% of the cost is usually covered.

Schools: children start school at age 2 or 3. School is compulsory until age 16. 85% of schools are public. At high school, academic study is very important and there are few extra curricular activities. The focus is on the ‘Bac’ the leaving exam that guarantees a place at university. Maths and Philosophy (which is compulsory in the final year) are very important subjects of study, by which your child may be measured. If your grades are not good enough, then you will repeat the year until you pass. 

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