Lecturer CV Template

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This is a CV template for academic posts, especially lectureships. It is designed as a model and a basis for your own academic CV. 

There is no need to include a personal statement on an academic CV. Start by describing your relevant qualifications.

Depending on whether the job you are going for prioritises teaching or research you may wish to bring a different section to the top of your CV and put more emphasis on it. But for lectureship CVs you will need to include details of your teaching, research, funding successes and administration experience.

Do not forget to include the contact details for two referees at the end.


Personal details


(Date of birth)







PhD:  title, date and place where received, supervisor’s name/examiners’ names

Batchelor’s and Master’s degrees:  details of where and what awarded and grade achieved.

Any other relevant awards, eg teaching qualifications



Title, place and date of publication

Articles/Edited Collections.

Listed in order (or reverse order) including article title, co-authors if any, place and date of publication.

Current Employment and Teaching Experience:  give job title

Course title: list courses you teach on and what your responsibilities are for each , eg unit leader, seminar tutor, essay and exam marker etc.

Previous Employment Experience:

List all previous teaching jobs by university.

Then describe the nature of the courses and roles you worked on at that institution.

Conference Papers Given:

List in order (or reverse order) the date, paper title, conference title and venue of each paper given.

Competences and Skills:

List any other roles that you fulfil as part of your academic job, such as editorship of a journal, administrative roles etc.

Grants awarded:

List in order (or reverse order) any funding awards received from internal and external sources, including PhD funding, conference grants and research leave/awards.


List the names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of two referees who know your academic work well and/or have observed your teaching.

Download the Lecturer CV Template: Word version PDF version

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