Top 10 Tips for Writing your CV

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  1. Use a confident tone and positive language
  2. Concentrate on your achievements not your responsibilities. This means listing things you have done - such as products launched, sales increase, awards won - not rewriting your job description. Quote figures whenever possible
  3. Make your most relevant experience and skills prominent to encourage the employer to read on
  4. Keep it to the point and concentrate on the quality of your achievements, not the quantity
  5. List other skills that could raise you above the competition such as languages and IT skills
  6. Your CV can be far longer than the normal 2 pages of a non academic CV but your first page should include all the best bits
  7. Check thoroughly for correct spelling and grammar - spotting errors is a quick and easy way of weeding out weaker candidates when faced with a mountain of CVs to read
  8. Appeal to your online audience, ensure you have relevant keywords in your CV
  9. Capture immediate attention, Prioritise the content and detail the most relevant information first. 
  10. Make sure that you include all Education and prizes awarded, research interest, funding awarded for research projects, other research experience and your publications. 



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