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4 reasons why your academic CV is being ignored

Your academic CV is the most critical step to earning an interview, so you should dedicate time to refine it and make it so impressive that recruiters simply feel compelled to pick up the phone and invite you for an interview. Take a...

3 questions your academic CV should answer

When you are applying for academic jobs, it is important that your CV is customised to the role requirements and presented in academic style. Academic CVs differ in some ways in comparison to standard non-academic ones, so you need to...

4 tips for a winning academic cover letter

Too many people spend days crafting the perfect academic CV, only to spend minimal effort on their cover letter. But, the truth is, that even the most perfectly crafted CV is nothing without an impactful cover letter.

6 things to avoid putting in your CV

When it comes to your CV, first impressions count. You have limited space to prove your value to recruiters, and anything that gives them a bad impression of you, could cause your CV to get rejected.

How do I structure my CV to make sure it stands out?

Applying for a job in the field of academia requires a great CV – but how should you make sure your CV is really effective? There are many different forms your CV can take and it is crucial that you structure your application carefully...

How to get your academic CV noticed by employers

When applying for your first academic position, you’ll need to create something that is a little different to an average CV. An academic CV is more comprehensive than a standard document and should detail your academic qualifications,...

Best CV Proofreading Techniques And Tools

It's a tough world out there for job hunters though, and you need to work to get seen. Employers will automatically throw out CVs with errors, so your best bet is to proofread that document thoroughly before you send it. Try these tips...

Twitter Chat Summary - How to Write a Killer Academic CV

Last week’s busy Twitter chat (see #jobsQ) saw an influx of questions in relation to writing killer academic CVs for people at all stages of academic life. We welcomed questions in advance of the event and had many emails so our panel...

Buzz Words and Impressive Language To Use On Your CV

Your CV needs to stand out from the crowd to grab the attention of the employer or recruiter and get you first on that shortlist of candidates to interview. In an increasingly competitive job seeker market, your CV needs to be easily...

How To Write A Personal Statement

You have a limed amount of time to make an impact on the reader (no more that 30 seconds to be precise) therefore the effect has to be immediate. A personal statement is usually situated at the top of a cv under your personal information...

The Questions Your CV Really Needs to Answer

Many people don’t appreciate just how important their CV is to finding a job. That might sound really obvious, but take a look at your CV now. Does it grab your attention? Has it got just the right amount of detail without being too...

5 Phrases To Avoid On Your CV

This can be tackled very simply by …..Avoiding clichéd wording and phrasing at ALL costs. You will run the risk of coming across as boring, unimaginative and fall in to the “meaningless waffle” category.

Skills CV Example

An example of a completed skills CV.

Classic Chronological CV Example

An example of a completed classic CV.

Academic CV Example for a Senior Post

An example of a completed Academic CV for a Senior post.

Academic CV Example for PhD Graduate

An example of a completed Academic CV for a recent PhD Graduate

Classic CV Guidelines

Either of the two formats outlined below can be used for any application for many jobs including managerial, professional, administration and any other non-academic job. In general the chronological format tends to be used by new...

Academic CV Guidelines

An academic CV is based on the Chronological CV format. However, the two-page limit need not apply to academic applications due to the addition of supporting information relating to detail of your PhD and other related research. An...

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

A strong LinkedIn Profile can be an invaluable tool for your career development. Your Profile is your showcase to the professional world. Imagine LinkedIn as a huge virtual directory of everyone in your field – your Profile is your...

Refresh Your CV

Hands up if you only dust off your CV once a job deadline is looming? In a rush to get the CV posted off, it’s tempting just to shoehorn in your last job at the top and hope for the best. It’s easy to forget all those great achievements...

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