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Top Tips on Applications for Funding

Putting together funding applications is one of the most onerous parts of an academic.s job. They are time-consuming and require many details and alterations and despite putting so much work into them there is only a small chance of...

Job Interviews by Skype

The traditional job interview takes place in a face-to-face setting, normally in a quiet location, with just yourself and the interviewer/s present. Imagine now that you are in an interview where you are not in the same room as the...

Creating an Impression

This article is for anyone preparing for an interview, the first day of a new job, a presentation or any other situation where making a good impression is important.

Top Tips for Doing a Telephone Interview

More employers, universities and commercial companies are using telephone interviewing as a way of filtering out large numbers of applicants. This article will explore some of those and tell you how to improve your chances of getting...

How to Sell Your Skills in an Academic Interview

Here on Career Development site, we recently published two articles on the importance of skills. This article will explain why it.s important to sell those skills in an interview situation and some strategies for doing that.

Managing your upgrade interview: MPhil to PhD

One of the most important early stages in the life of a PhD student involves successfully completing the upgrade process. This article offers some tips on how to make the most of this challenging phase of your research degree.

Top Tips for a Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are becoming more and more common amongst recruiters, but that's only half the story when it comes to job hunting. Find out why, when you're looking for work, the phone can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

How to Survive an Interview

Interviews can be nerve-racking, particularly if you're not used to them. The anticipation is often worse than the actual event because not only are you walking into an unknown situation, but also you know you'll be judged on your...

Preparing for an Interview

Interviewers are looking to fill the vacancy with the best candidate. They are interviewing to find out whether you are the candidate. Your task is to persuade them that you are. In order to do so, preparation is the key. Following the...

Presenting Yourself to a Prospective Employer

You may consider that you have perfect credentials for the particular job you are applying for, but there will undoubtedly be other candidates who consider themselves equally worthy. Because of this, the way you present yourself is crucial.

Beyond the Interview: Assessment Exercises and Psychometric Tests

Applying for a job used to be straightforward: a single interview (or certainly no more than a brace) and that was it. But nowadays you are likely to face a longer, more drawn out process involving any or all of the following:...

Transferable Skills: The Secret of Success

Can you put over your point of view effectively? Would you be able to explain a complex technical point to someone with only basic English skills?

Being a Good Interviewer

Dr. Catherine Armstrong has written these top ten tips to assist interviewers in the process of picking the best candidate.

Top Ten Tips for Success in The Job Interview

Follow up article to preparing for an interview. In this top ten tips, you will learn how to succeed on the day.

Top Ten Tips for Preparing for Academic Interviews

You will have at least a few days to prepare for your academic interview, here are ten tips on how to maximise your chances of getting that job! Covering:Who are your interviewers?Know the institutionWhat job are you being interviewed...

The interview process in the Commercial Sector Graduate Jobs

This piece will focus on the interview experience of a particular part of the commercial sector: that involving so-called .milkround' jobs sought by university graduates.

Succeeding in Academic Interviews applied for an academic job and to your delight you receive an invitation to an interview. What do you need to know? What should you expect? How can you prepare? What kind of questions will you be asked?

Presentation Skills

Neil Harris provides focused advice on writing and giving a presentation. Good presentations are required when putting your case, pitching for business, addressing staff meetings or chairing committees.

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