MSc Course Administrator

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Course Administrators are directly involved with course maintenance and operation. The administrator facilitates the delivery of the course by, among other things, ensuring that timetabling is organised, finances and grants are correctly handled and external projects, placements and assignments are properly administered.

Administrators for MSc courses have some specific tasks such as the submission of dissertations, upgrades to MPhil and thesis submission. Many master’s courses involve cooperating with outside organisations, so the administrator is expected to organize trips and projects.

MSc Course Administrators often cater for more than one course, meaning peak times can be very busy. This job carries quite a lot of responsibility. Initiative is essential.


  • Process student grants and applications
  • Deal with invoices related to the course
  • Monitor income and expenditure
  • Arrange student projects and placements with external partners
  • Plan accommodation, transport and other practicalities to facilitate student placements
  • Support the teaching of the course by preparing documents, materials and rooms
  • Organise any overseas travel for students or staff related to the course
  • Support the Course Director in a variety of ways
  • Provide secretarial and administrative support to other staff members
  • Assist thesis submission and MPhil applications
  • Support examination marking and record student grades
  • Plan open days and events for the promotion of the course or interaction of the students and staff

Entry Criteria:

  • Able to work independently
  • Able to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to work with others as a team
  • Clear and considerate when dealing with various people
  • Good mathematical and financial skills
  • Evidence of project management skills
  • Experience of administrative processes
  • Knowledge of the workings and requirements of a university and its staff and students
  • IT skills, particularly related to the use of MS Office
  • A highly organized individual who can carry out secretarial duties

Getting qualified:

The role of MSc course administrator requires a good education – usually to A-level standard, although a university degree would be of use due to the nature of the work. IT qualifications will also be relevant as MS Office programs are used a lot in this job.

Experience of secretarial or other administrative roles is essential. The role of MSc Course Administrator is quite challenging, so two years office experience is often required. Experience in the Higher Education sector will be an advantage.

Salary Information:

  • Basic roles have a starting salary of c. £18,000
  • More experienced staff can expect up to £25,000
  • Starting salary varies depending on location, role, and experience
  • Basic hours are 9am to 5pm

Career Path:

Course Administrators can progress within the same department to the role of Course Director. Alternatively, a move into departmental or central university administration may open up.

Many are attracted to university work due to its stability, generous holiday allowance and perks such as a pension scheme. Similar administrative roles may pay more in other sectors, but the role of MSc administrator offers some unique challenges and benefits.

Major Employers:

UK Universities

HE Institutions

Colleges of Further Education

Similar Jobs:

Admissions Officer

Central University Administrator

Departmental Administrator

Links and Contacts:

Association of University Administrators

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