Pro Vice-Chancellor

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The role of Pro Vice-Chancellor is a position that carries much responsibility and weight. The Pro-vice chancellor is responsible for overseeing the academic direction of the university. The main responsibilities vary according to the institution and the number of Pro VC’s within the institution. Each Pro Vice-Chancellor caters for a different section of the university’s interests (Academic, Learning and Teaching etc.).

The role of university Pro Vice-Chancellor is concerned with developing and expanding the university’s interests academically and financially. Pro Vice-Chancellors are placed in charge of the management of internal staff and communicating with outside partners in order to further the university’s brand.


The Pro Vice-Chancellor has countless duties to attend to. These duties vary massively, but the selection below is a general idea of what is involved.

  • Development of corporate planning across the university
  • Setting academic and corporate goals and objectives for departments
  • Line management responsibilities, including responsibility for department heads/deans
  • Furthering the university’s interests by networking with academic and business organizations across the world
  • Progressing the academic interests of the university
  • Project management
  • Policy-making
  • Overseeing learning, teaching, and the student experience across the university
  • Attending meetings with academic staff, stakeholders, and others
  • Representing the university in external and internal committees

Entry Criteria:

The role of Pro Vice-Chancellor is not an entry-level job. It takes a person of vast experience, proven dedication and intelligence. A thorough knowledge of the current trends in Higher Education is vital, as well as an ability to utilize that knowledge in the development of the university’s interests.

A Pro Vice-Chancellor also needs to be intent on delivering the very best standards in academic terms and in terms of the student experience. As someone working in the highest levels of the education sector, a Pro VC needs to have an excellent academic track record and a proven knowledge of the issues within the HE sector. 

  • Thorough knowledge of the HE sector
  • Ability to develop academic programmes
  • Experience of working with external partners and institutions
  • Proven ability as a leader
  • Highly skilled manager
  • Evidence of being able to manage and deliver high profile projects
  • A motivational leader and an ability to enthuse staff at all levels
  • Able to recognize opportunities and work them to the best advantage of the university
  • Someone who can create successful teams and oversee numerous projects and staff
  • Capable of maintaining positive relationships with internal and external parties
  • Experience of working in a university
  • Someone who can increase the institution’s income through funding and collaborative projects etc.
  • A person of enthusiasm and energy
  • An excellent communicator and listener

Salary Information:

The role of Pro Vice-Chancellor involves taking a lot of responsibility for the direction of the university as a whole. Long hours are to be expected. The role also involves representing the university in a variety of capacities including chairing external and internal boards and organizations. The Pro VC may also be required to attend events at other institutions, and overseas travel is not uncommon. Periods away from home are necessary at times.

  • Salary varies massively by location and role
  • Expect beyond £70k for most institutions, and above £100k for some universities
  • Salary also varies according to personal experience
  • Benefits and relocation expenses are perks of the job
  • A generous pensions scheme is usually included

Career Path:

The career of a Pro Vice-Chancellor can lead to higher positions in university management and leadership. The role of Deputy Vice-Chancellor is a step up, and involves more responsibility. This naturally leads to the role of Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor.

A career in academic research is also possible if the duties of leadership and management are not fitting. Another option is a move into the private sector and the world of business and finance to make use of project management, communication and leadership skills.

Major Employers:

UK and overseas HE institutions

Similar Jobs:

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