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Leading A Team Of Diverse Personalities – Part 1: Introduction

In order to develop good team working, it can be helpful to consider the different personalities that make up the team, how they contribute and how they may need to be supported differently

Mid-career Strategies

Many of the articles here on the website are designed for the early career scholar who is looking for a first job in academia. However, career dilemmas can hit at any stage. How do you develop your career if you are mid-stage...

Handling Rejection in Academia

With the job market so competitive at the moment, you will probably have to handle rejection if you are looking for work.

Improve Your Employability With A Professional Qualification

Professional qualifications are offered by professional associations or bodies; organisations that support their members by providing training, qualifications and career development appropriate to a specific career sector. Universities,...

Globalizing Your Academic Career

Teaching abroad is one of the dreams that many academics arguably have. Stories of living in a warmer clime or teaching with the latest tools are part of the academic imaginary just as migration has always been part of the academic...

How to Develop a Portfolio Career in Academia

The term portfolio career is increasingly used to describe a work-life in which you do two or more part-time jobs for different employers. This article will help you to consider how you can build a successful career by combining separate...

How to Create a Professional Development Plan

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the learning and development you undertake in order to carry out a current role or move into a new one. Take our 3 easy steps to start your Professional Development Plan today!

How to Boost Your Career

"New Year, new start." You hear this phrase again and again when it's approaching the end of the year. This article, however, focuses on what you need to do to advance your career in the long term.

How do we learn? Brain Based Learning: A new approach

We've all heard of the myriad ways that people learn, what the philosophers have called epistemology (the theory of knowledge and learning).

Training: Development and Evaluation

We all need training. Jobs change and we require a different set of skills. Technology moves on and we have to keep pace. New responsibilities come our way that we must be equipped to deal with. Managers perceive a need for a different...

Third Stream Activities: Broaden Your Career Horizons

Many academics will be familiar with the idea of third stream activities, if only because a directive encouraging academics to adapt their work to it has come from senior management level. However, the third stream is also important for...

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

This article helps you think about your own professional development and covers steps you can take to review where you are now and start thinking about where you want to be.

SWOT Analysis Helps Career Decisions

If redundant, unemployed or keen to make a change to your career your first action is to examine what you can offer an employer. Explore your skills, knowledge and experience. Next think hard about what it is that you want to do...

Working in a Team: Opportunities and Problems

How to blend into your new team and how to work well with your new colleagues

Tips for Time Management and Balancing a Busy Workload

We all have only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. yadda, yadda, yadda. Here.s a no-nonsense guide to time management . the process that will help you to keep balance even when you are extremely busy (which is probably most of the...

The Art of Receiving Feedback and Why it's Your Friend

It's interesting that there's so much literature about how to give feedback and not much about receiving it, which is arguably more difficult. Let.s face it; it.s not always pleasant, particularly if it's negative.

How To Run Effective Meetings all had them. Boring meetings! Meetings that go on for far too long yet fail to make decisions. Hard chairs and piles of agenda. The higher up the hierarchy we are promoted the more of these we have to attend and the more we have...

Long Term Academic Career Planning

Many of the articles on this website are concerned with getting your first academic job or the transition from student to member of staff. But it.s important to remember that career development does not end there. If you have got a...

Skills needed to run an academic conference

There are several reasons why it is important to gain experience running your own conference: it raises your profile in your field and you get to meet and network with people from all sorts of other institutions. You might also get to...

How to be a good manager

When you first get to be a manager it can be daunting. You move from being one of the team to the leader and suddenly the buck stops with you. Numerous books have been written and courses presented on how to do it well but most managers...

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