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Moving into a Management Role

This article is for anyone contemplating a move from a professional role into a people management role. It sets out the principle differences between a management and non-management role, the duties and responsibilities involved and...

Developing Confidence in Public Speaking: Some Dos and Don'ts

This article will explain how to develop one of the key skills for postgraduate students and academics, that of public speaking. It is also something that jobseekers in other fields might find useful because public speaking skills can be...

Work-Life Balance: Time Management when Working from Home

Many employers are now offering their staff the opportunity to work from home. There are many advantages to the employee working from home. You can manage your own time and are not restricted by the traditional office hours. In these...

Making Decisions about Your Career

For most people, a career decision is complex: a mix of practical, logical and emotional factors. Most of us take logical and practical factors into account. We research, analyse information, make lists of criteria and plans. What we...

Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be very traumatic and exciting as you get used to new ways of working. This article offers some advice on how to make the most of your first few weeks in a new job and how to make sure that you settle in well to...

Working from Home

Telework (sometimes called telecommuting) - that is, working for the office, but from home - is becoming an increasingly common and advantageous method of work. The idea is that a paid, contracted, full-time worker works from their home...

What Training is Available for Your Own Career Development?

Universities want their staff to be efficient, knowledgeable and effective. Ambitious employees need to develop their skills to make themselves more attractive to their current or prospective employers. This article discusses the...

Top Ten Tips On Being A Good Undergraduate Teacher

It is coming to the end of my first year as a lecturer. Here are some tips for being a good undergraduate teacher that I have learned in my first year.

Top Ten Tips: Running an Academic Conference

As a junior academic one of the best ways to get known in your field is to host your own conference. This can be done jointly with someone else or as a solo effort, but whichever way you choose to approach it you will find it hard but...

On-the-job training: City and Guilds Qualifications

The last article explored the sorts of on-the-job training offered to lecturers in Higher Education institutions. This week we will move on to look at the City and Guilds qualifications on offer to those interested in undertaking...

Turning academic ideas into businesses

Lots of ideas are produced every day by people in universities. What happens to them? Some are just ideas, theories and academic thoughts. They may be passed on to others or used to teach the next generation of students. Many have a...

Top Ten Tips on Note-taking

Note taking is a skill that we use in many walks of life: at school, university and in the world of work. Here are our ten tips for better notation.

Top Ten Tips for Teaching Outside Your Area of Specialism

Second in the series of teaching tips by Dr, Catherine Armstrong.

Commuting Tips

Article by Ben Davies on how to benefit from commuting to work, and advice on reducing your carbon footprint.

Managing Maternity Leave in the Public Sector

Article by Dr. Catherine Armstrong on how to go about the sometimes confusing area of maternity leave.

Top Ten Tips for Successful Networking

Networking can take place at a dedicated networking event, exhibition, or conference, or in a meeting situation, and is far more relaxed than an interview. However, there are still some guidelines and tips you can follow, and here’s our...

How to Combine Postgraduate Study with Full Time Employment

Embarking on a postgraduate degree whilst working full time can be extremely challenging in terms of trying to balance work commitments and personal life, with the demands of academic studies. Here are some tips on how to manage your...

Holding a Successful Business Meeting

Alison Osborne, Marketing Manager at gives us her tips on how to hold a successful meeting.

Getting a Qualification by Distance Learning

This article consider distance learning, the advantages of this type of study, and how to succeed. If you're considering studying for a new qualification, have a look at these tips before embarking.

Top Ten Tips for giving a conference paper

These tips were written by a lecturer in history, but they are applicable to any academic conference paper (and perhaps also for some who have to present papers at public sector and commercial conferences too.

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