Jenny Walklate

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Dr. Jenny Walklate.

I recently completed my PhD in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. My research project used literary theory and strategies to investigate the production and experience of temporality in museum spaces, and its analytical model is one I hope to develop in the future. After completing my first degree, an MA.Hons. in Medieval History at the University of St. Andrews, I commenced a full Masters at the University of Leicester's School of Museum Studies. There I won an AHRC scholarship to conduct my PhD research, and was fortunate to have a rich, varied and enjoyable time as a full time research student. Currently, I'm looking for academic jobs - many of my posts will focus on this aspect of post-PhD existence - but I am fortunate to be able to blog here, and to have a role as the Treasurer for the Subject Specialist Network, the Museum Ethnographers Group. I hope that I will be able to provide information and encouragement to those at all stages of their PhD, and afterwards for the life beyond.

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