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Digital identity health check for academics

Explore the benefits of having an online profile as an academic - this guide will step you through what you can do to 'health check' your own digital presence as an academic.

The immigration toolkit for international PhD students

Immigration adviser Jo Holliday explores the options for PhD students from outside the European Union who want to stay in the UK to look for work, start work or set up in business.

Making Academic Collaboration Work

This ebook is intended for anyone who is considering collaborative work in an academic setting, and will be of particular interest to those embarking on cross-disciplinary research and academics in their early career.

Competencies needed for collaboration

Use our decision tree to find out what competencies are needed and how they can be developed at each stage in the collaboration process.


Everything you need to know about co-authoring, collaborating and publishing.

Case Study: Co-authorship - Or how to publish without losing friends or colleagues

If you are an academic, the chances are high that sooner or later, you will be in a position to publish – a report, an article, a book chapter – with someone else who is in more or less the same line of work.

PhD employability: Career pathways and recruiter insights

PhD Employability and post-doctoral pathways have been hot topics within research/academic circles for some time now. It is well understood that the ever growing number of PhD qualified candidates can no longer expect to take the traditional academic route. Academic job markets in many research intensive countries are becoming saturated. Over the past year or so we have seen some research starting to emerge that helps us understand what might be going on and what do such labour market conditions mean for PhD qualified candidates as well as those who work to support their careers. Much of the content here summarises a special interest session run by jobs.ac.uk at the Vitae International Conference 2017.

Postdoctoral careers in Europe: Denmark

This ebook is for postdocs interested in starting or continuing their academic career in Denmark. Well-funded research, prestigious universities, job availability and a high-quality of life are among the many benefits you can expect from this innovative country.You will find out about the Danish higher education system, gain valuable insight into funding options, career advancement, the job market and practical ways to get a foot in the door.

Postdoctoral careers in Europe: Belgium

This eBook is for postdocs interested in starting or continuing their academic career in Belgium. A multicultural and multilingual country, Belgium offers outstanding research facilities across the public and private sectors. The European Union capital Brussels has more policy and law makers, international companies, research organisations and think tanks per square foot than anywhere else in the world, providing unique opportunities for researchers.You will find out about the Belgium higher education system, gain valuable insight into funding options, career advancement, the job market in each country and practical ways to get a foot in the door.

The digital academic: resources and information to help you enhance your research

Find out how becoming a Digital Academic can be a powerful tool that can potentially shape discussions in higher education and help you become a thought leader. This ebook also covers guidance on tools and resources to use for your research and online that can help you save valuable time, as well as how to distribute your research to a wider audience in a number of creative ways.

21st century job skills to improve your resume

Existing jobs are undergoing changes in the core skill set required for them, which means that nowadays jobseekers should adjust to the current labour market. But what are the 21st century job skills that are going to be in demand by 2020? And how can you prepare to embrace the henceforth job climate?

How to pursue an academic career in China: Part Two

Have you always dreamed of taking your career abroad? In Part Two of jobs.ac.uk’s two-part guide primarily aimed at those seeking to pursue an academic career opportunity in China, learn about adapting to the Country's universities and higher education system once you're there, including teaching strategies and tips. Deciding to live and work overseas is a big step and it is important to do your homework.

Postdoctoral careers in Europe: Norway

Norway has been named one of the most beautiful countries on earth. But there’s more to this small Northern European nation than stunning fjords and glaciers. Foreign academics will find an ultra-modern country with an inclusive higher education system, unique research opportunities and high quality of life. In this ebook, You will find out about the Norwegian higher education system, gain valuable insight into funding options, career advancement, the job market in Norway and practical ways to get a foot in the door.

How to pursue an academic career in China: Part One

Have you always dreamed of taking your career abroad? Consult jobs.ac.uk’s two-part guide primarily aimed at those seeking to pursue an academic career opportunity in China. Deciding to live and work overseas is a big step and it is important to do your homework. The good news is that there are many pathways that can get you to China.

Building Academic Job Applications: A Quick & Practical Guide for Early Career Researchers

Preparing and making job applications is an important part of anyone’s career development, but it is an activity that we get less consistent practice in undertaking. It can also be something done under pressure, whether that is because it is time consuming or has to be fitted in around other work or the end of a current contract.

American Academics Abroad

15 career stories from US academics who have found great career options overseas. Whether you’re looking for a way out of endless short-term adjunct positions, needing to get closer to the topic of your research, or seeking the penultimate career-crowning senior post, working at an overseas university could be just the ticket.

Preparing for Academic Consultancy ebook

Academic careers are becoming increasingly diverse - especially for those in the early career stages. More academics now have portfolio or entrepreneurial careers and are looking to apply their expertise in these areas. Whether your career is on a ‘new’ or ‘traditional’ pathway, you’ll have to demonstrate how your research has a wider impact on society. This requires opportunities to engage beyond academia.

A Guide to Doing a PhD in Germany

Are you interested in pursuing a PhD in Germany? Germany is home to excellent research in different fields, ranging from basic research to interdisciplinary and applied science. Education, science and research have a long tradition in Germany and a high priority in the country. In this guide, we aim to provide you with information about doing a PhD in Germany.

Should I Do A PhD?

Actions and tips to help make an informed decision. This e-book has been developed to help all those who are considering undertaking a PhD but its focus is on using career decision making approaches to assess and prepare for this rather than on the choice of research topic.

The Essential Career Organisation Toolkit

Resources and information to help you to explore your career options. It’s never too late to start organising your career. The workplace is constantly evolving and it can make a big difference if you can adapt and move with it. It’s not unusual for people to change their career several times over their working life or design their career to give them greater freedom and flexibility. If you can be pro-active in driving your future you are much more likely to be satisfied, fulfilled and have a sense of being in control.

Improving Student Employability

An ebook for academics to help their students get ready to enter the labour market. Higher tuition costs and high unemployment have combined to make students, potential students, employers and society at large question the value of further and higher education. Although academics should never accept the idea that education is only worthwhile if it is of commercial value, we do need to meet these expectations head on.

The 5 Minute Career Action Plan

Interactive activities to help you focus on career success.We spend most of our lives at work, but how often do we actively make a choice about our career and actually commit to a decision? This interactive guide will allow you to take stock, consider what is important to you and then help you to produce your own strategy for personal career success.The 5 minute career action plan is for anyone who is short of time and wants a structured approach to their career planning. It can be particularly helpful for people just starting out, individuals seeking promotion or a career change and people wanting to address their work-life balance.

Career Development Toolkit for Researchers

This toolkit is aimed at post-doctoral researchers who have gained one to two years experience in academic research. You may be at a point at which you are considering your overall career progress and development in academia or be contemplating a career change. This toolkit offers some general starting points for those wanting to reflect on their career to date and to begin to formulate an ongoing career strategy.

The Lecturer’s Guide to Problem-Based and Interactive Learning

An ebook explaining how you can engage students and encourage depth of learning. This ebook will introduce some important concepts that can help you change the way you think about and facilitate learning. Experiential learning, problem-based learning and interactive learning are more than just buzzwords: they offer teaching and learning concepts and methods that can help your students master concepts faster and, more importantly, go out into the world with the ability to learn from experience, absorb and integrate new information, and continue the process for a lifetime that began in your university classroom.

The Global Academic Careers Guide

Essential advice & top tips for academics looking to expand their horizons overseas. This ebook will tell you more about the scale of new global market, help you consider the pros and cons of seeking employment outside your nation of origin, and give you important information that will improve your success rate if you do decide to give working abroad a try.

The Internationalisation of Higher Education Whitepaper

This whitepaper is aimed at professionals, academics and administrators seeking to understand how institutions approach internationalisation, and what the implications for working practices might be. It considers some of the new roles that have been established to lead on or support the different facets of the internationalising university. This paper aims to provide a basic framework for considering internationalisation and professional practice and encourage personal reflection.

7 Skills Every Senior Lecturer Needs

This new ebook shows academics working at lecturer level what they can expect if they apply for promotion to senior lecturer level. Additionally, it helps scholars to think long term about their career and plan what sort of academic they want to be. The ebook provides some thinking points that will encourage the self-reflexive career development essential for making this transition.

Alternative career pathways after your PhD

Ever wondered what options there are in your career after your PhD has ended? We summarised in a short checklist to help you take charge of your future and to increase your employability.

Masters Application Tips & Advice

We have just launched a great new ebook called ‘Masters Application Tips & Advice‘ to help you when you are applying for postgraduate courses, with particular advice for those wanting to pursue an academic career.

Career Interests Quiz Infographic

Whether you are looking for a new job or want to reinvigorate your current role, reflecting on your skills and expertise will help you identify your own personal priorities at this stage of your career. Ask yourself these 11 questions

12 Key Lecturing Skills ebook

Whether you are still doing your PhD and are teaching for the first time, or are starting a temporary or permanent contract, this ebook will guide you in developing your skills. It offers practical tips and advice on how to cope with common problems inside and outside the classroom.

10 Career Paths for PhDs

Are you a PhD or early career researcher thinking ahead to a career move outside of academia? Are you about to start a PhD and want to know the types of job opportunities open to researchers? This e-book will help you to use your research skills and experience to stand out in the job market and to take steps to secure a job. 10 career options will be explored to highlight the benefits and opportunities for researchers from a range of disciplines.

The Essential Guide to Moving Up the Academic Career Ladder

In academic life, moving up the career ladder has its perks: more money, of course, but potentially also more time to pursue your research interests, and more power to influence the direction of your department and your field. However, getting a promotion takes time, effort, and sometimes just a bit of luck or wiliness. This ebook has tips and tested techniques for making yourself promotion-ready.

Research Publications Planner

An interactive toolkit containing 3 charts to help you plan for the future. Planning can make us all more productive. It helps us to increase the impact of our research and publications amongst all the other pressures of academic life, and encourages us to make time away from other activities such as teaching, student support and administration.

Career Planning for PhDs ebook

The PhD is increasingly opening doors to a whole range of opportunities, particularly if you develop the rounded experience, knowledge and skills required by employers. This ebook will help you explore your options after PhD, learn from the positive experience of other researchers, consider what is required to succeed in a competitive job market and take action so you can open doors to your future career.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Research Jobs

An ebook with tips and examples to create the perfect cover letter for research jobs. This includes a section on tailoring your letter, marketing yourself effectively & a really useful 'before and after' example with critique.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Management & Administration Jobs

An ebook with tips and examples to create the perfect cover letter for management and administration jobs in universities and other sectors. This includes a section on tailoring your letter, marketing yourself effectively & a really useful 'before and after' example with critique.

Career Change Toolkit

How do you know when it’s really time for a change or whether you are just going through a sticky patch? This interactive Toolkit contains activities & advice to help you explore career options & make it happen!

How to Write a Cover Letter for Academic Jobs

An ebook with tips and examples to create the perfect cover letter for academic jobs such as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer roles. This includes a section on tailoring your letter, marketing yourself effectively & a really useful 'before and after' example with critique.

Career Development Toolkit for Higher Education Professionals

Careers in Higher Education (HE) are changing rapidly as institutions adapt to a global marketplace for students, and as the political and economic landscape becomes more challenging. Traditional career structures are fast disappearing and new areas of work are emerging. Use the activities in this toolkit for inspiration as you work through each step of your career planning.

Academic Job Interview Toolkit

To help you prepare for academic job interviews download our new toolkit which includes a useful preparation template & a handy checklist.

Moving abroad: Relocating from the US to the UK ebook

This ebook explores the advantages and challenges facing academics from the United States when they are considering moving to the UK for work. It offers a step by step guide including top tips to help you to maximise your chances in the UK academic job market.

How to Apply for an Academic Job ebook

The market for jobs in both academia and other sectors is competitive, and you therefore need to plan ahead, be strategic in your job search and look at ways to stand out from the crowd. This ebook will help you understand how to interpret a job advert, tailor your application, covering letter and CV and succeed at a panel interview.

Career Planning ebook

Choosing to get a new job or to focus on regaining the love for your current job will benefit from a structured approach and this ebook is going to help you do just this. Follow the 11 steps, complete the simple exercises and feel more confident in your decision making.

A Practical Guide to Planning an Academic or Research Career

If you are enjoying doing independent research during your undergraduate career, you might be considering staying on at university to do a Masters and then a PhD. But there are lots of decisions to make. This ebook will help you to decide whether an academic career is for you. You will learn about the routes you must take to become a lecturer or a researcher, as well as alternative career opportunities outside academia for those trained to postgraduate level.

The Essential Teaching Skills ebook

This ebook is primarily aimed at those new to teaching in universities; however, they will also help those who are experienced, but new to teaching in the UK or anyone wishing to take time to reflect on their academic practice.

Interactive CPD Toolkit

To help with your career progression and achieving your career goals, this 37-page interactive electronic guide on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will give you a structured and step-by-step approach to your professional development.

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