21st century job skills to improve your resume

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Everyone knows that the resume is the first impression you make when you apply for a job. This is why it is important that you make it appealing for the recruiter by to including relevant experience and job skills that will make your application stand out among others.

In 2016, World Economic Forum published a report claiming that we are at the beginning of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Further, rapidly improving technologies are holding unforeseen promises for the future of jobs.

In the past few years, we have witnessed cardinal modifications towards smarter living: sustainability is becoming a core value for us as people—in our homes as well as in our workplaces.

The main drivers of change in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution are divided into two major groups: technological and demographic and socio-economic. These include:

  • changing nature of work
  • consumer ethics and privacy issues
  • sharing economy
  • rapid urbanisation
  • processing power, Big Data
  • new energy supplies and technologies
  • artificial Intelligence

Of course, these imminent changes bring along challenges that require dynamic adaptation from both organisations and individuals. And since entire industries adjust, most job positions are also going through some kind of metamorphosis.

Yet, existing jobs are also undergoing changes in the core skill set required for them, which means that nowadays job-seekers should adjust to the current labour market.

But what are the 21st century job skills that are going to be in demand by 2020? And how can you prepare to embrace the henceforth job climate?

The infographic addresses these questions in more detail.

Download the 21st century job skills to improve your resume now!

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