Masters Application Tips & Advice

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We have just launched a great new ebook called ‘Masters Application Tips & Advice‘ to help you when you are applying for postgraduate courses, with particular advice for those wanting to pursue an academic career. 

There are many motivations for undertaking postgraduate study, and many reasons that you might be thinking about applying for a postgraduate degree. In this increasingly competitive graduate jobs market, a postgraduate degree can give you a considerable advantage over competitors, while it can also provide you with the chance to explore a topic in more detail, extending your academic career.

Some postgraduate courses are very academic in nature, and often involve an extended piece of research and writing, whereas others are more vocational and will provide training for a particular career path.

This ebook takes you through every aspect of applying for a postgraduate degree, from your initial thoughts and motivations through to the research proposal and funding application. The ebook aims to offer some advice and suggestions to potential postgraduate students from all backgrounds and disciplines, and to anyone at any stage hoping to undertake an academic career. Along the way, the ebook provides an action plan for your next steps along your route to becoming a postgraduate student, and eventually an academic, and draws on advice from current and past postgraduate students. Happy reading… and good luck!

Included in this ebook are the following sections: 

  • Thinking of further study and an academic career?
  • What is an academic career path?
  • What is life like as an academic?
  • Making the transition from undergrad student to academic
  • Planning your application for further study
  • Identifying skills needed to conduct postgraduate work
  • Is it worth doing a masters?
  • Choosing a course
  • The applications process
  • Searching for funding
  • Writing your funding application
  • Case studies
  • Postgraduate Applications Action Plan sample
  • Sample of the Postgraduate Applications Action Plan included in the ebook

Also included are some simple but effective activities including a postgraduate applications action plan, a postgraduate skills grid and a postgraduate application SWOT analysis.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the ebook below in the comments section. We would also love to hear what other ebooks or resources you would find useful.

Download the Masters Application Tips & Advice now!

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