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Abigail Robertson is a second year PhD student in Medieval Studies at the University of New Mexico. Follow her vlog to find out what is it is like to do a PhD in the USA, as well as the PhD application process, attending conferences and presenting papers at conferences.




PhD Vlog 6 Month's On: Abigail Robertson

We followed Abigail for 1 month in the autumn of 2015. We caught up with Abigail, now six months on from her last update, and heard about her trip to England to learn more about digital programming languages, converting manuscripts into digital formats, and delivering a paper at a conference.

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Name: Abigail Robertson

PhD: Medieval Studies

Location: Albuquerque

Abigail Robertson is currently a PhD student in Medieval Studies at the University of New Mexico whose research interests revolve around the role gender and “nationality” play within interpersonal and structural secular and religious dynamics in the Anglo-Saxon and greater medieval worlds and how writings concerning these bodies create a broader narrative. She tweets @AGRobertson.

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