PhD Vlog: Doing a PhD in Denmark

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Want to get a real insight into what it’s like to do a PhD? Meet Verena a PhD student at the Technical University of Denmark. Originally from Austria, she moved to Denmark for her PhD studies. Follow Verena's vlogs over the next 4 weeks to find out her top tips for relocating to Denmark and returning to studies after working within various industries as a project manager, consultant and Enterprise Risk Manager.

Watch her intro vlog here:

Verena is the latest PhD vlogger to join the PhD vlogging team. We invited PhD students around the world to share their PhD tips and advice including students from New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the Netherlands. Share the vloggers journeys from exploring inside Mount Luxmore with Andy as his field trip takes him inside a cave in New Zealand; following Sana’s first weeks as she juggles studying as a distance learner while managing a family; to a windy field trip at the Black Mountains in Wales with Eddie – quite different from his previous career in university management.

You can watch the full PhD vlog series here.

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