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Marking And Feedback: Top Ten Tips For Postgraduates

Many postgraduates who are involved with teaching or demonstrating will be required to undertake some form of marking and assessment. Marking can be one of the hardest aspects to teaching, requiring a great deal of patience and time.

Engineering Doctorates at the University of Nottingham

The Engineering Doctorate is an alternative to a traditional PhD in that it is more closely related to industry needs and provides students with a research degree that tackles industry problems.

Top 10 PhD Interview Questions And Crucial Tips

Your PhD interview date is in view. This article provides carefully chosen tips to help you prepare, and ten questions you should be ready to answer.

Creating PhD Student Networks

Studying for a PhD can be a lonely proposition. Whether you have come straight into postgraduate study after your BA or MA via a studentship, or are returning to higher education part-time in the middle of your career, it’s hard to find...

PhD Candidate In Civil And Building Engineering

Sarah Brooke is undertaking her PhD at Loughborough University in the Transport Studies Group. Sarah has returned to academic research after various career roles and therefore her profile will be interesting for those of you who are...

What Is The Structure Of A PhD Interview?

What’s it like to be on the other side of the table from someone who holds the direction of the next several years of your life in their hands? Well, that part of the PhD interview process is always stressful—but the rest of it varies...

PhD Candidate in Social Science at Loughborough University

Carolyn Drake is undertaking her PhD at Loughborough University and is working in Human Factors research. Her profile will be interesting to those who might be considering undertaking a PhD as part of their continuing professional...

How Can I Help To Widen Participation As A PhD Student? Ten Top Tips

Universities place a considerable emphasis on Widening Participation (WP), and all institutions are required to produce a Fair Access Agreement which outlines their commitments to increasing university uptake amongst students from lower...

PhD Candidate in Gastroenterology at the University of Nottingham

Amberley Stephens is in the final stages of her PhD at the University of Nottingham and during the latter stages of her degree she has been investigating her career options. She would like to share her experiences of choosing and...

PhD Limbo – Caught Between Graduate Schemes And Experienced Roles

When a PhD student chooses to leave academia and pursue a career in a non-academic sector, identifying what kinds of jobs they can apply for is high among their list of concerns.

How To Write A PhD Proposal

Most lecturers see dozens of PhD proposals annually. Some are obvious winners, some are promising but need additional work before approval, and some are rejected out of hand. What can you do to make yours rise to the top?

The New ResM: What Is It, And Is It For You?

Several UK universities are now offering a Masters-level degree option that combines taught and independent research possibilities: the ResM. What is it exactly, and might it be a good choice for you?

Public Engagement As A PhD Student: 5 Top Tips

PhD students are increasingly required to gain experience of public engagement before entering the jobs market. Candidates who have shared their research with the public tend to be highly marketable in today’s Higher Education employment...

7 PhD Application Tips

You may think from the title of this article that it will concentrate on how to prepare application documents but if that were the case then you would miss out on some vital stages of the process of applying for a PhD.

Why Should You Do A PhD?

In my work as a careers adviser with PhD students and post-doctoral researchers I have seen those who have commented that they “wished they had thought, and known, more about doing a PhD before committing to it”.

Professional Doctorates: The Basics for Prospective Students

A Professional Doctorate is a specialised postgraduate degree focused on the improvement of professional practice rather than academics. So while a PhD in, say, English Literature is designed primarily to develop the ability to carry out...

PhD Candidate in Russian at the University of Nottingham

Jill Warren is in the writing up period of her PhD at the University of Nottingham. Her PhD has had challenges but has also provided opportunities to work outside the UK and her reflections on all her experiences and what she might do...

Running Conferences

As a PhD student, you have the privilege of being in a position where you can take risks, where you can organise innovative events and push the envelope of academia just a little bit.

Adapting Your PhD For A Professional Career

With the increasing recognition that the number of doctoral students graduating outnumbers the postdocs and lectureships available, early career scholars are often faced with the decision of whether to adapt their skills from the PhD for...

Getting Involved in Internal Admin

The idea of getting involved in administrative duties - actually, the idea of getting involved in anything other than your PhD - might seem crazy. You have enough to do, what with reading, research, writing, and you can just about manage...

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