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First Submission to Your Supervisor

I've always wanted to do my best. To impress. More than that – to be the best. To be infallible. I wanted every one of my submissions to my supervisor to be the same. Perfect.

The APG: or, First Year Assessments

I've seen lots of first year students arrive and enjoy revelling in the first few months of their PhD.

Twitter Chat Summary - How to Secure a Job After Your PhD

On May 13th, 2014, hosted a twitter chat which saw a variety of questions from those trying to forge a career after the PhD inside or outside of academia.

Teaching With Your Supervisor: Top Ten Tips

It is often possible to gain valuable teaching experience during the course of a PhD through teaching with your PhD supervisor. While for PhDs in the Sciences, this might involve demonstrating in your supervisor’s lab...

Reading, not Writing

I think we’ve all been there. There is always a desperation, at least for me, to get things down, get them on paper, otherwise the thoughts that you have will fly away forever,

Essential Desirables: Academic Employability and the PhD

In an ideal world, meeting the skills and attributes listed as “essential” for an academic job would get you an interview and, thus, a shot at the role for which you’ve applied. In the real world, it usually doesn’t even get you on the...

Reflections On Combining A PhD And Young Family

Having just completed my PhD with two interruptions for maternity leave, I read with interest the recent ‘5 ways female academics lose out’ which prompted me to reflect on my experiences and the things that assisted me in reaching the end

War of the Worlds: Choosing Your Post-PhD Career

Much has been written, recently, about career options for PhD graduates. Academia is arguably more competitive than ever, with 100+ applications for each permanent, entry-level lectureship, and universities catching up only slowly, if at...

Building A Rapport With Your Supervisor

It seems obvious, and somewhat trite, to say that every supervisor-student relationship is unique – but that doesn’t make it any the less true.

Leading A Module

Teaching plays an ever-important role in the career development of a PhD student, with this teaching taking many forms. PhDs in the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences are often asked to contribute some form of teaching in exchange...

Finding and Funding your Humanities PhD

A great deal of mythology encircles the PhD and the people who take it on. Before we even get to the practicalities of applying and finding funding, I’d like to dispel a few preconceptions.

How to secure a job after your PhD - Google+ Hangout on Air Summary

Last week I hosted a live Google+ Hangout on Air with four inspirational panelists with one simple objective: to help you secure that dream job after your PhD. We were delighted with the number of questions the panel received and I want...

First Supervision

My first meeting with the person who would become my supervisor was a rather surreal experience. I was still doing my MA at the time, and whilst I knew I would be doing my PhD, it seemed very far away in the future. I was also snowed...

Meeting Colleagues

I’m not good at meeting people. I might as well be honest with you – it scares the living daylights out of me. It might seem like everything is fine on the outside, but inside I’m terrified that I’ll misunderstand a joke, say something...

The First Day

Most people say to me that they remember their first day at school really clearly. I don’t. Maybe I just accepted and assimilated it really well. Maybe I’m just forgetful. It was the same with the first day of my PhD. I remember little...

Your PhD - Before You Begin

The decisions we make always change our lives - some in little ways that we will never imagine, others in ways that are visible and vast. Doing a PhD will affect your life in ways that you intended and expected, and in many more that you...

Your PhD - Starting With The End In Mind

When you start a PhD your priority is to successfully complete your doctoral research, but what about your next career step beyond the PhD? Do you start out with your career goal clear in your mind? This article will consider two sides...

PhD To A Career In Medical Communications

Why are PhD graduates in demand to take up jobs in the specialist field of medical communications? How do you take the first step onto the ladder to build a successful career in the sector?

Is Doing A Taught Masters Still Worth It?

There is a lot of controversy in the university sector about the way that postgraduate degree funding has been neglected by the government. Because of the lack of access to a loan system and a huge decrease in financial support offered...

Career Planning for PhDs ebook

Do you have a strategy in place to ensure a successful transition from PhD to building your career as an academic researcher? Have you explored alternative career paths? This ebook will help you.

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