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7 Ways To Banish Admin Nightmares

Shrinking budgets have decimated many FE and HE administration departments, often leaving academics to pick up the slack. Rolling reorganisations create problems of their own. Here are seven key ways to make things run more smoothly.

How To Let Go And Delegate

One of the hardest aspects of managing other colleagues is trusting them to take some of your workload.

Preparing For Conferences

Conferences can be amongst the most enjoyable aspects of academic life. But they can also be stressful. Here are some tips to reduce the stress and to get the most value from a conference.

How To Get Top Marks For Your Lectures

It’s a common belief that some people are “natural teachers”: able to get any audience to pay attention to what they have to say about any topic.

How To Cope With Troubled Students

At most universities and colleges in the UK, the role of personal tutor is defined as more than just keeping students on track academically. We have a pastoral care role as well, and so need to be available to help students manage the...

Promotion - Internal or External?

Promotion: should you wait for internal promotion or move to another institution?

Coping With Student Complaints

There’s nothing like paying £9000 per year in tuition fees and watching your student loans balance mount to focus a student’s mind on getting what they paid for. And so it’s no wonder that following the tripling of tuition fees,...

Evaluating Research

So a new research paper has landed on your desk or in your inbox? Or perhaps you have a whole set of papers to read at the start of a new project? How do you know which ones are any good, and which are less reliable? It’s impossible to...

Quality Assurance: Balancing Institutional Demands And Student Experience

This article explores the role of Quality Assurance (QA) in higher education and explains how academics can use it to improve their students’ experiences at university.

5 Ways Female Academics Lose Out

— And How You Can Fight Back. Chances are that where you work, the gender balance at the top is significantly different from the lower ranks. Men still rise faster and higher in academia, despite a trend towards more women earning...

Work-life Balance: Home Working and Having Time to Switch Off

One of the benefits of academic life is that the job can allow a certain amount of flexibility. In most cases your employer will not expect you to be in an office from 9am to 5pm every day (although working culture and expectations vary...

REF Recovery Strategies

If you’ve been told that you won’t be entered in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise, don’t despair—but don’t be complacent. What can you do to make the best of a bad situation, and how can you refocus on readiness for the...

The Impact Factor: How to Raise Your Public Profile

The “Impact” item on your department’s Research Excellence Framework submission can make a big difference in rankings, but it also reflects something more meaningful: how good you are at communicating the results of your research and...

Peer Reviewing

Academic rigour in publishing is maintained by the peer reviewing system. It is assumed that once you are established in your career and that you have published in a field that you might be a useful peer reviewer. But no one ever teaches...

Dual-Career Academic Couples

In the US, over a third of academics are also married to an academic; the numbers are up sharply in Canada, the UK and Europe as well. Over 90 percent of these work in the same institution—often, in the same department. In the US and...

Professor in the Dock: The Academic as Expert Witness

An expert witness is someone hired by a law firm, or sometimes directly by the Court, to explain matters that are outside the area of the law itself. Expert witnesses are used in civil and criminal cases, in fields ranging from food...

5 Top Tips for Getting the Best from Students with Dyslexia or Autism Spectrum Conditions

Most lecturers know little about accommodating special educational needs (SEN). Some are surprised to learn that increasing numbers of students identified as having SEN are in further and higher education—especially when the first...

Lateral Moves: Changing Careers Within Academia

Whether you're a lecturer thinking of moving into management or a member of support staff who would like to move into lecturing, there are smart ways to make it happen.

Publish or Perish? Top Tips For Getting Your Journal Articles In Print

It’s not enough to be a great teacher, an expert in your subject, and a pro at managing university bureaucracy. Publications have always been how academics prove their expertise, and for a long time now that process has been codified...

Using Your Research Results

Over the past couple of years you have produced some good research results, and thesis completion is in sight. It’s time to think about the next steps – in academia or elsewhere.

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