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5 Top Tips For Engaging Students On Blended Learning Courses

Blended learning—combining face-to-face and online teaching methods—is touted as combining the best of both worlds. However, while blended learning can deliver a better student experience than “online only” distance education, it can be...

Post-92 or Redbrick: Which Is A Better Fit For You?

Although recent admissions and research policies seem to be biased in favour of Britain’s older universities, the advantages are not all on one side. When is a newer university the better career choice, and when should you aim directly...

Finding Research Funding

So you would like to find some research funding? Here are a few points to remember.It is a team sport, not an individual sport

10 Things I Wish I’d Known in My First Lecturing Job

I got my first lecturing job at the age of 28. I’d come from a research assistant position, but I knew very little of the reality of a lecturing job. A passion for my subject and liking for the small bit of teaching I had done had got me...

Tips For Making University-Based Consultancy Work For You

Most UK academics have space in their workplan for a spot of consultancy. It can be a nice little earner, and keeps you in touch with what’s going on in your field. However, running a side business can also be time-consuming and fraught...

Promoting A Family Friendly Workplace In FE/HE

We’ve all come up against work-life balance problems, whether it’s because of our own care responsibilities, or because other people leave us taking up the slack due to theirs. FE and HE institutions in the UK have been slow to respond,...

Top Tips For Writing A Successful Funding Bid

If you wish to progress your academic career, it’s vital to publish. That means you’ll almost definitely need to access funding. So how can you write a sparkling bid application that gets you noticed?

Press Releases: Some Questions And Answers

Have you ever wondered why some academics feature repeatedly in newspapers or trade magazines or even on the radio or TV? In many cases it’s because they have reputations and are known to journalists. So how do you break into this...

New year, New Directions?

It’s that time of year again: the short break in the academic year (if you aren’t spending your holidays with a pile of marking at your left hand and a half-finished journal article at your right) when we have time to think about what to...

7 Ways To Banish Admin Nightmares

Shrinking budgets have decimated many FE and HE administration departments, often leaving academics to pick up the slack. Rolling reorganisations create problems of their own. Here are seven key ways to make things run more smoothly.

How To Let Go And Delegate

One of the hardest aspects of managing other colleagues is trusting them to take some of your workload.

Preparing For Conferences

Conferences can be amongst the most enjoyable aspects of academic life. But they can also be stressful. Here are some tips to reduce the stress and to get the most value from a conference.

How To Get Top Marks For Your Lectures

It’s a common belief that some people are “natural teachers”: able to get any audience to pay attention to what they have to say about any topic.

How To Cope With Troubled Students

At most universities and colleges in the UK, the role of personal tutor is defined as more than just keeping students on track academically. We have a pastoral care role as well, and so need to be available to help students manage the...

Promotion - Internal or External?

Promotion: should you wait for internal promotion or move to another institution?

Coping With Student Complaints

There’s nothing like paying £9000 per year in tuition fees and watching your student loans balance mount to focus a student’s mind on getting what they paid for. And so it’s no wonder that following the tripling of tuition fees,...

Evaluating Research

So a new research paper has landed on your desk or in your inbox? Or perhaps you have a whole set of papers to read at the start of a new project? How do you know which ones are any good, and which are less reliable? It’s impossible to...

Quality Assurance: Balancing Institutional Demands And Student Experience

This article explores the role of Quality Assurance (QA) in higher education and explains how academics can use it to improve their students’ experiences at university.

5 Ways Female Academics Lose Out

— And How You Can Fight Back. Chances are that where you work, the gender balance at the top is significantly different from the lower ranks. Men still rise faster and higher in academia, despite a trend towards more women earning...

Work-life Balance: Home Working and Having Time to Switch Off

One of the benefits of academic life is that the job can allow a certain amount of flexibility. In most cases your employer will not expect you to be in an office from 9am to 5pm every day (although working culture and expectations vary...

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