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Esteem Indicators And How To Develop Them For The REF

As a member of staff whose work is being submitted to the REF, you have probably been focussing on two aspects of your career: the outputs (monograph and journal publications or websites) and their impact (their significance in spheres...

What Women Need to Know about Developing their Scientific Career in Academia

Professor Alison Walker works in the Department of Physics, part of the Faculty of Science at the University of Bath. Professor Walker recently talked to about overcoming barrier in a career where women are still in the...

Academic Challenges: Running A Degree Programme Or Course

Many of the articles on advise early career scholars on how to progress their career. However career development issues are also relevant to mid-career academics.

Preparing For The University Holidays: Academic Spring Cleaning!

Only at the end of a long and hectic teaching term do academics have a chance to take stock of their progress over the last few months.

Chairing Conference Panels

One of the first tasks of a new scholar is to get used to delivering their research through academic conference papers. After that, once a speaker becomes better known, he or she might be asked to chair a panel at a conference. Here are...

Marketing Yourself And Your Work As An Academic

The academic environment has changed considerably in the last 20 years. The onus is now on scholars to capitalise on opportunities to ‘sell themselves’ as authors and innovators. Often this does not come naturally, but it is important...

Impact of Fees on the UK Higher Education Sector

Now that the process for admitting students to university for 2012 is drawing to a close, we can take stock of the impact that the new fees regime has had on Higher Education institutions in England and Wales. This article will explore...

Challenges of the New Academic Year

Whether you are starting a new academic job or returning to an old one, the start of the new academic year brings its own sets of challenges. This article will advise you on ways to overcome these difficulties.

How To Improve Your Chances Of Landing The Perfect Academic Job

If you are one of the many academics who has found him- or herself out of work in this climate of economic uncertainty, now is the time to turn what may appear as a negative into a positive.

Creating An Academic Profile Online and Networking With Others

With a 40% cut in funding for Higher Education expected from central government over the next 4-5 years, and the tightening up of departmental budgets, academic, jobs will inevitably be lost. Don’t despair...

Student Support Roles

With the advent of much higher fees there has been an increased interest in UK universities in the issue of student satisfaction, with many faculties and departments hiring specialists to perform student-facing support roles to...

Marking For Beginners

One of the most challenging aspects of an academic’s working life is marking and this is especially true for those at the start of their academic career with little prior experience.

Early Career Support: Report From Career Development Workshop Funded By The HEA, Manchester, April 2

On April 20 in Manchester, three academics, Drs. Max Jones, Jamie Wood and Catherine Armstrong held an HEA funded workshop for History PhDs and recent post-docs designed to support and improve their teaching practice and help them get a...

Combating Isolation for Academic Researchers

PhD students, scholars who are on research-only contracts and lecturers taking research leave can suffer feelings of isolation. This article explores ways of overcoming this problem.

Teaching Skills eGuide

This collection of articles is primarily aimed at those new to teaching in universities; however, they will also help those who are experienced, but new to teaching in the UK or anyone wishing to take time to reflect on their academic...

Academic Conferences: Why Are They Good For Your Career?

Summer is upon us and many scholars now turn their attention to conferencing. However, what does conference attendance contribute to your career?

Marking: A Neglected Skill

As PhD students or lecturers, one of the most common activities that we undertake is the marking of essays, other course work and exams. But often this is a skill for which there is little training. It is simply assumed that you will be...

From PhD to First Post in Academia

This article shares insights from the stories of three early career researchers outlining how their PhD subject and the skills gained helped them to gain a first post in academia.

Running a Pedagogical Event

As mentioned in previous articles because of the new fees regime increasingly teaching expertise is going to be valued in UK higher education institutions. Students become more like ‘customers’ and demand the best quality teaching

Top Tips on Organising Your Research

In our new media age, with terabytes of information flying around the internet on websites, libraries, electronic journals and social media networks, a problem for many researchers is not necessarily in the sourcing of information, but...

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