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Teaching Skills eGuide

This collection of articles is primarily aimed at those new to teaching in universities; however, they will also help those who are experienced, but new to teaching in the UK or anyone wishing to take time to reflect on their academic...

Academic Conferences: Why Are They Good For Your Career?

Summer is upon us and many scholars now turn their attention to conferencing. However, what does conference attendance contribute to your career?

Marking: A Neglected Skill

As PhD students or lecturers, one of the most common activities that we undertake is the marking of essays, other course work and exams. But often this is a skill for which there is little training. It is simply assumed that you will be...

From PhD to First Post in Academia

This article shares insights from the stories of three early career researchers outlining how their PhD subject and the skills gained helped them to gain a first post in academia.

Running a Pedagogical Event

As mentioned in previous articles because of the new fees regime increasingly teaching expertise is going to be valued in UK higher education institutions. Students become more like ‘customers’ and demand the best quality teaching

Top Tips on Organising Your Research

In our new media age, with terabytes of information flying around the internet on websites, libraries, electronic journals and social media networks, a problem for many researchers is not necessarily in the sourcing of information, but...

Academic Writing: How To Write A Textbook

This article explores an often neglected aspect of academic publishing: the student textbook. Many scholars regularly publish their research in journal articles or academic monographs but never consider writing a textbook.

Setting Up Your First Research Team – Part 2 – Processes and Interpersonal Relationships

So you have just gained your first grant funding as a PI and are setting up a team. In part 1 we looked at setting a team mission and goals and at making sure everyone knows their role and responsibilities within the team.

Academic Writing: Contributing to a Journal

There are many different ways to boost your CV by becoming involved with a journal. Here are some tips.

Setting up your first research team – Part 1 – Strategy and who will do what?

So you’ve been a researcher for a while but now you have your first grant as a PI and suddenly you are in charge! You know the research area and methods inside out and you’ve supervised a few junior researchers day-to-day.

Student Experience: How to Show That You Can Respond to the New ‘Customer Culture’

With the introduction of the new fees regime in UK universities, an increased emphasis will be placed on the overall student experience. It is predicted that students will become more demanding, wanting a better ‘customer service’ from...

Enhancing Student Employability

One of the criteria on which university departments are judged in the league tables is how many of their students are in employment 6 months after finishing their degrees. As fees rise and students and their parents start shopping around...

Lecturing Series eGuide

Starting a career in university lecturing is an exciting step. Because of the independence and autonomy that the role offers, you might lack confidence when starting out in this job.

Lecturing Series: Integrating Teaching Responsibilities with Admin and Research

As an early career lecturer finding time to do anything other than teaching preparation and being in the classroom is challenging. However, this is a vitally important time in your career and you need to make sure that you are developing...

Publish or Perish

Getting published is arguably a must for a successful career in academia. Publishing at least one book under your own name seems to be an affirmation of your worthiness to the academic trade.

Getting ready for the REF

This article outlines the requirements for academic staff who will submit outputs to the REF, the timescale for doing so, and special considerations of the process such as impact. It also investigates the effect that these developments...

Why External Partnerships are Important to Universities

This article will explore why increasing pressure is put on academics to engage in projects that encourage external partnerships and how to maximise your career prospects by engaging in them.

New to Teaching in UK Universities

Whether you are an experienced teacher, but new to teaching in the UK, or just teaching for the first-time, the key to success is to have an open mind and not assume that students at UK universities will be...

Integrating Work Experience and Work Placement Into Your Teaching

There are many reasons for considering including elements of a work experience or work placement programme into your teaching. As an early career lecturer you might be asked to formulate new courses on your arrival at your new teaching...

Teaching Skills: Making The Most Of Teaching Observations

Many academics are observed by colleagues from their own or other departments. Sometimes it is part of a formal process, such as a PG Certificate in HE or Professional Development Plan; sometimes it is more informal, perhaps you just...

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