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Poster Presentations: What Are They & Top Tips for Preparing a Good Poster

Poster presentations are a way of explaining your research interests at large conferences. They are used mostly in scientific and sometimes social science subject areas. Here are some tips on preparing a good poster

How to use Guest Lecturer Jobs to Raise your Profile

As well as teaching at your own institution there are many ways that you can use your skills as a lecturer to enhance your reputation as a scholar, to help you to build your career profile and maybe even to earn more money as well.

Is an Academic Career for me?

Choosing a career is always a life-changing decision. Would you like to be a university lecturer? Here are some key questions to ask yourself when deciding whether lecturing might be for you.

Using Your Research Skills to Succeed in the Job Market

If you are taking steps to secure your first job after completing your PhD, this article will provide you with tips for using your research skills to develop an effective job search strategy and find opportunities suited to your...

Academic Jobs: Negotiation & Questions to ask when Starting a new Academic job

Your CV made the shortlist, the interview went well, and at some point will come a time when you are made an offer. Here are a few things to consider prior to starting your new academic job.

Visiting Lecturer Posts: How to get one & How they Benefit your Career

There are two sorts of visiting lectureship. One where a non-permanent member of staff who does not have a contract elsewhere is employed for a short time to deliver teaching or meet research agendas. Secondly, where someone already has...

Translating your Skills from Academia into Business

Have you ever considered taking your academic and research skills into the world of business? You may be seeking a fresh challenge or simply want to enjoy a second income. Academia and business may seem poles apart but you may be...

Top Tips For Being Published Internationally

The pressure for academics to publish their research is more acute than ever. With the job market being so competitive at the moment, it is vital that scholars begin to build up their publications as soon as they have completed their...

Moving into Higher Education From Public & Commercial Sectors

So, you’re currently not working in Higher Education (HE), but think you might like to. This article covers why you should work in Higher Education, what jobs are available, employee benefits and much more..

Academics: 8 Tips to Increase Your Visibility

How many times have you heard about someone getting a job or an opportunity because of who they know? So, how can you increase your visibility in academia? Read our top tips in this article.

The REF: The Research Excellence Framework 2014

This article covers: What is the REF? What does this mean for me as an academic? Tips to improve your REF performance

Contract Researchers: How to make Informed Career Decisions

This article offers you ways of gathering knowledge together, so that you can make an informed decision on your future career direction within the higher education environment.

Pros And Cons Of International Mobility For Early Career Academics

If you have already experienced the transition from one university to another, you have most probably asked yourselves ‘If I could make it here, can I make it anwhere?’ When this simple question is set in an international context,...

How To Find International Academic Projects

This article discusses why you might want to work on an international project, how to get involved and how to think on a global level in order to advance your career.

5 Advantages of Becoming a Lecturer

Choosing a career direction is difficult and there are many things to consider. Perhaps you are doing a postgraduate degree at the moment and are wondering where to take your career. This article explains 5 good things about being a...

Assessment for Learning: Getting to Grips with Student Evaluation

Many universities around the world have made an annual tradition of student course-evaluation questionnaires as an assessment for learning. The questionnaires are usually given out at the period of the academic year when universities are...

Freelance or Short Term contracts: Researching for a Private Company

Scholars who have done postgraduate work are considered by many to be experts in their field. This 'expert status' can lead to a career outside of academia, perhaps undertaking research for companies or government institutions. These...

Giving Effective Student Advice

Many new lecturers, especially those who are starting a full-time teaching post after studying for a PhD, find that advising students can be confusing. While an increasing number of undergraduate students want their tutors to mentor...

How to Create an Academic Network

Working as a postgraduate student or researcher can be a lonely job. You might be studying something that very few other people in the world understand. You might also be physically isolated, working alone in a library, an archive or in...

I can't find a job advert in my field: what should I do?

Due to the recession and the university funding crisis that is blighting Higher Education in the UK and the US, many people hoping to go into careers in academia are finding their options limited by a lack of job openings.

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