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University Funding Crisis: How could it affect you?

The university sector in the UK has started 2010 in a difficult state with the Chancellor announcing just before Christmas that universities will have to shave a further

Working in Higher Education FAQ

University students often fail to realize that it requires an enormous number of employees working in a huge range of jobs to enable a Higher Education institution to function.

Should You Use Social Networking Sites to Teach at University Level?

Many university lecturers are now familiar with the problem of students .playing. on their mobile phones while supposed to be listening to a lecture or contributing to a discussion.

Webinars in Academic Life

For many lecturers and researchers, online web conferencing technology is not put to use in the work environment. But could they be missing out? What are the benefits of holding .webinars.?

Website Review: A global view of Higher Education

Many of the articles on the Career Development site relate to the academic situation in just one country, often the UK but sometimes the US, Japan, Australia or other countries.It is important for academic staff to get an...

The Challenges Facing Academic Staff in UK Universities

Everyone who has featured as a case study in our Career Development pages agrees on one thing . they really enjoy their jobs, and have no plans to move on from the university sector in the foreseeable future!

How does the increasing number of university applications affect academic jobseeking?

Reports in University Business magazine and many national newspapers this month have shown the serious impact that the recession in the UK is having on university admissions. Across the sector, applications to universities and colleges...

Teaching Engineering Students: Embracing Change

For Sarah Musa Adam, the problems with being an engineering student centre on the shortage of new books, crowded classrooms and a lack of good teaching methods. She has tried talking to a few of her tutors but the response she gets is...

Building Overseas Partnerships

For Tobias Green, a researcher at the Centre of West African Studies, University of Birmingham, working with colleagues from countries in Africa and Latin America is the norm rather than the exception. Dr Green is a British Academy...

A Snap Shot of the Benefits of Working at a University

If you're new to the Higher Education sector, you might be wondering what it has to offer. There are numerous benefits to working at a university, including opportunities for personal development, generous annual leave, and the...

What to do With Your Holidays: Academic Jobs and Work-Life Balance

University teaching jobs generally use a three-term or two-semester model. This leaves a portion of the year, over 20 weeks, in which a lecturer is not in teaching-mode. So what should academics do with their holidays, and how can they...

Writing Articles Helps Your Academic Jobsearch

We have featured many articles that explain why getting published is so important to furthering your academic career. So let's think about why writing journal articles might be useful for your career.

Accountancy - Links Between Academics and the Profession

Academics teaching accountancy related subjects in universities often have stronger links with their profession than lecturers and researchers in other subjects. Some began their careers in accountancy firms, including the top four...

How to Find Academic Conferences Relevant to Your Field

Following an inquiry by a jobseeker, this article will describe the different ways that you can find out about academic conferences in your field of study.

Top Tips for Promoting Active Learning on Science and Engineering Courses

For students, humour and practical demonstrations in lectures are essential in stimulating interest. "Humour is hard to incorporate into any kind of public speaking, so a lot of tutors leave it out altogether," observes Ms Bedder.

Linking Academic Lawyers and Practising Lawyers

How close are those who teach law and those who work as practising lawyers? Some lecturers in law work quite closely with their practising colleagues. Others don't. It's not essential to be a qualified solicitor or barrister to teach the...

Teaching Science and Engineering Courses

For most of her secondary school years, Ruth Bedder was a straight humanities student. Then she decided to study Geology as one of her A. Level subjects and discovered that the sciences can be interesting and a little bit different.

Web 2.0 and Higher Education

Jobseekers, scholars, and students spend an incredible amount of time using the Internet. What impact does this have on higher education in general, and teaching in specific? How can this affect your search for a job in academia?

7 Considerations Before Relocating for an Academic Job in the UK

This article explores some of the challenges you will face when applying for a job a long way from your current residence. In an academic working environment many people have to be prepared to move away in order to secure a job and this...

The Benefits and Challenges of Moving from Temporary to Permanent Positions in Academia

In an increasingly competitive job market many postdoctoral scholars end up working in short term contracts either as researchers, as seminar tutors or as temporary lecturers. This period of uncertain employment can last for many years....

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