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Moving between University and School Teaching

Despite the roles of schoolteacher and university lecturer being very similar in some ways, few people actually make the transition between the two careers. This article will explore the possible reasons for this and suggest ways that...

From Research to Author: How to Get Your Academic Work Published

This article is for postgraduate students and academics at the start of their career who have had little experience in trying to get their work published.

What You Need to Know About Widening Participation

As an academic jobseeker you will have to show that you know a great deal about the job you are applying for. One of the most important government initiatives of the last few years is the Widening Participation agenda.

Jobs In: Human Resources in Universities

This article gives a picture of those making their careers in the human resources department in universities. Their role is to put the personnel policies of the University into practice.

What is a University in the UK?

What is a University? This article will clarify the structure of the UK Higher Education system and tell you about the different sorts of institution that call themselves .universities. in the UK.

Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Young Academic

In the last few years employers in all sectors have become increasingly aware of the need to address the work-life balance of their staff. This article will define the term and work out what the concept means to young academics starting...

How to Plan a Piece of Research

It is a real challenge to give advice on planning a research project because the procedure is so different for each academic discipline. This article, however, discusses some general rules that will apply to everyone and may give you...

How to Become a Lecturer

There is a tremendous amount of advice on this website about the alternative routes into academia. The focus of this article, however, is the traditional way of becoming a university lecturer.

Jobs In: University Registries

At the heart of every university or college is the Registry. It is totally focussed on students, yet most students hardly ever know they have been in touch with it.

Contract Research - Researching Real Industrial Issues

Some researchers prefer to tangle with academic issues, others find applying their skills to solve real practical problems for government, industry and business more attractive. This article explores the opportunities at such research...

Work-Based Training: Teaching at University

This is the first in a mini-series of articles on the best way to acquire work-based training in different contexts. Fitting in with core audience and its original mission, the first article in the series will explore the...

Working as a Researcher in an Interdisciplinary way

Dr. Catherine Armstrong examines the meaning of one of the most common buzz words in academia, 'interdisciplinary'. Dr. Armstrong provides tips on how to pursue interdisciplinary research, and the advantages of this.

Teaching a module based on your own research

The last in a three part series on undergraduate teaching. In this article, Dr. Armstrong looks at the topic of teaching a module based on your own research.

Top Ten Tips for Teaching Undergraduates

Dr. Catherine Armstrong provides the top tips for new teachers.

Balancing Lecturing with Researching: how to do both and stay sane!

One of the most difficult challenges facing an academic is how to be a good all-rounder. In some positions you are required to do more research than teaching and vice versa. But many scholars are now encouraged (by the demands of the RAE...

Working in Central University Administration

Article by Ben Davies on the varied field of administration, from basic office jobs and clerical duties, to senior positions in central university administration.

Working in Academic Department-based Administration Roles

Article by Dr. Catherine Armstrong exploring the duties of departmental administrators.

Private Sector Pay - How Does This Compare to Academic Salaries?

Academia is not renowned for its high salaries but just how much is the private sector ahead? Gill Sharp's article looks at the issues involved.

Going into School Teaching after Academic Study

Article by Dr. Catherine Armstrong on the advantages and disadvantages of teaching, and how to qualify to become a school teacher.

Academic Roles Within a Department

This white paper is designed to inform about the various roles that academics have to take on within departments. It will cover: departmental level roles, managerial roles, external administration roles, and the advantages and...

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