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Technicians as Teachers?

Higher education is more consumer led than ever before. The new world of high tuition fees and accompanying quality assurance measures has placed the student teaching and learning experience at the top of the HE agenda. Amidst the...

Beyond the Academy: The Impact Agenda and You

As is widely known, the ‘Impact Agenda’ (where ‘impact’ is broadly defined as a contribution to UK economy, society and culture) was introduced as a criterion by HEFCE to assess performance in the REF. While ‘Impact’ has been very...

How To Make Sense Of Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information/Intelligence (LMI) are terms that can sound a little dry. You might think that they involve detailed data around employment rates, salaries and industry demand. Which of course they do. But it’s also a lot more....

Wise Night Owls: Great Ideas For Energising Your Evening Classes

In the UK, most evening students are working adults. It takes dedication and drive to come to class after a full day’s work, but lecturers teaching this group can face particular challenges.

Five Things You Need To Know About Employability

Employability is a word you’ve probably heard quite a few times over the past couple of years, especially in the realm of Higher Education. It’s easy to assume that we know what employability is; being able to find, get and keep a job....

Sending A Thank You Note After An Academic Interview

After years of study, progressing to an academic interview can feel like a big step. Whether this is your first academic interview or if you've had some before there is always something additional that you can do to improve your chances.

Charity-Based KTP - A Post-Doc In-Between Academia And The Business World

Increasingly, organisations within the business and higher education sectors are working together in partnership. Correspondingly, more and more jobs are available on a competitive basis to candidates who have a blended academic/...

Conducting Research Interviews

Will you interview people as part of your research? Much qualitative research depends on detailed interviews with key people working in the research area. Here are some recommendations for handling these interviews.

Jobs and Contracts Or Career Progress?

One of the challenges faced by postdoctoral researchers can be to identify career progress over a period of employment on shorter term contracts. Their focus might be, quite naturally, on remaining in employment rather than on...

Transitioning From A Professional To An Academic Career

A simple on-line search about returning to academia after a different career path produces limited results. The University of Manchester’s online career section is one of the few websites that deals honestly with the question of whether...

Teaching Outside Your Specialism

At the start of your academic career, you will be asked to teach, with little preparation time, on large survey courses that include subjects outside your specialism. You may never have studied these as a student, let alone taught them!

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Teaching-only Contract

So you’ve got your PhD, applied for lectureships, and after all the blood, sweat and tears, you’ve landed yourself ... a teaching contract. The first thing to say is—well done!

Making The Most Of Your Annual Review

Most academics provide an annual report on their teaching, research and administration to a line manager or department head each year. It may feel like just another hoop to jump through, but you can use the annual review productively.

Workplace Training: Another Career Direction For Academics

Academics seeking employment often find a home in workplace training, from corporate coaching sessions to hands-on social care instruction. If you’re thinking of seeking employment in the workplace training sector, or perhaps providing...

Developing Academic Career Strategies

One of the challenges faced by postdoctoral researchers can be to identify career progress over a period of employment on shorter term contracts. Their focus might be, quite naturally, on remaining in employment rather than on...

Creative Ideas For Making The Most Of Contact Time

In today’s student-driven undergraduate education world, demands for more contact time are changing academic schedules. However, extra class sessions aren't always the most effective ways to use this opportunity. This article suggests...

Conference Networking For Academics

Attending academic conferences has many benefits: keeping up to date with the latest research (often well before it’s published), having a chance to meet people who are influential in your field and, yes, networking.

Academic Work In The Netherlands: What You Need To Know

The Netherlands can be a fantastic place for academics to work: salaries are relatively good, holidays generous, and there is a rigourous research culture, especially in science and technology. What do you need to know to take advantage...

Universities As Community Partners

In many communities, the local university is one of the largest employers, occupies a big chunk of real estate, and brings quite a bit of income into the community. However, since the student body is no longer all-local and staff are...

Making Your Humanities Background Count In A STEM-Centric World

Just one look at the job advertisements makes it clear: the departments advertising most consistently for new staff appear to be in science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) subjects.

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