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From academia to private sector: 7 things you need to know

There comes a time in the life of a PhD candidate – and even, from time to time, a tenured academic – when it can be worth considering a transition from academic to the private sector. This can be a difficult step, particularly if you... live Q&A: Alternative Career Pathways After Your PhD

What can I do after my PhD? It is a difficult decision for any PhD student on whether to pursue a career in academia, or consider alternative careers. In our dedicated live Q&A, we brought forth a panel of experts who have moved outside...

Tips For The Transition From Academia To Industry

Changing your career path can be stressful, from deciding what changes you want to make, to deciphering how to show potential employers that you have the skills to excel in a role in their organisation.

From Academia to Industry and Back

I have always thought of myself as an academic person: somebody that would never leave the university research environment and would try and climb through the ranks, aspiring one day to become a researcher and eventually a Professor.

Working for a Scientific Start-Up Company

When I think about my time in industry, the first thing I remember is the excitement I felt when I received the phone call from the CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) telling me that they would have loved if I joined their team.

Working As A Researcher For A Service Provider

If you work in health, education, social care or other fields where companies are involved with providing a service to the public, opportunities abound for conducting research directly for service providers. It’s a great way to marketise...

Examination Boards

Examination Boards in the UK are the official bodies that set and mark exams for qualifications such as GCSE's, A levels and BTEC vocational qualifications. Jobs with examination boards are well suited towards candidates with teaching or...

Benefits Of Working In The Public Sector

Some of the biggest employers in the UK are in the public sector and in total over 6 million Britons work in this sector. Schools, councils and emergency services are at the forefront, but there are also many scientific posts and...

Local Government

Local governments provide services such as education, housing, and environmental services within designated regions.

Using Research Skills Outside Academia

So you enjoy research. But you are unsure if an academic career is right for you. How else can you use your research skills?

Central Government

As opposed to local government, which provides regional services, central government is responsible for nationwide policy-making and implementation in almost all aspects of life. There are over half a million civil servants working in...

Research Councils

Research councils are publicly-funded organisations that has the responsibility of providing support for postgraduate studies and to further increase knowledge in a variety of sectors, thereby contributing to the progress of public life....

A Career In Law?

If you are considering a career in law, it is worth spending some time investigating the various options available before committing your time and money. There is a bewildering array of areas of legal practice and each one has a variety...

Research Roles Within The NHS

Academics with a specialism in the field of medicine or biology may find employment outside of Higher Education in the NHS. The NHS employs over 2.1 million people in the UK in total, including over 3750 clinical academics.

Moving Out of Academia

This article is for early career researchers who are considering a move out of academia. Included are insights shared by Dr Lydia Harriss, who now works in a non-lab based role at the Wellcome Trust.

Academics Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a scientific field involved with the development and manufacture of medicinal drugs. Prescription drugs brings in hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide every year, so it's not surprising that industry...

Benefits of Working in Public Sector Research

There are regularly jobs advertised on with opportunities to work for institutes and charities such as the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council and the Institute of Cancer Research. This article will consider some of the...

Academics in the Engineering Industry

The UK engineering industry is a major part of the domestic economy with around 5 million employees spread across almost half a million engineering businesses. It involves the design and production of everything from chemicals to vehicles.

PhD to a Career in Finance

This article highlights reasons why PhD graduates are in demand by recruiters in the financial sector, including insights from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Encouraging Women into Engineering Careers: Challenges & Possibilities

In the face of a gloomy economy and Britain's recent return to recession, the engineering profession is continuing to see high demand for new graduates and seasoned engineers. Only 9 percent of engineers in the U.K. are women,

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